september 2013 sunfish midwest schedule

there are (3) Sunfish races in the Midwest Region during the month of September.

Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, Sept 1st – GDSC Open Regatta – Labor Day

the Greater Detroit Sunfish Club (GDSC) (also check out their Yahoo Group, it’s sometimes a bit more up-to-date) hosts an annual camping trip with Sunfish racing to be held over Labor Day weekend.  they are repeating things from last year, with the event being held at Tawas Bay, Michigan, with racing to be held on Tawas Bay which is part of  Lake Huron.  many from the group will be camping at the Tawas Point State Park, but the group will be launching their sailboats from the public ramp next to Timberlane Resorts, where some of the group is also staying.

Lake Huron at Tawas Bay

my family camped at that state park a few summers ago – it is a pretty nice park, and a absolutely beautiful area, but sailing is not really feasible from the state park and campground area, as the water is very shallow for several hundred and up to a few thousand feet off the shoreline.  I also sailed on Tawas Bay that weekend, launching from the same ramp the GDSC will be using.

Saturday, Sept 14th and Sunday, Sept 15th – Midwest Sunfish Regional Championship #3

this event will be held at Devils Lake Yacht Club in Manitou Beach, Michigan.  it is the 70th annual “Bruce Goldsmith Memorial Regatta“, and typically includes 2 fleets – Sunfish and Lightnings.  this is the event I was able to attend as a spectator (and photographer) in 2009.

Saturday, Sept 21st and Sunday, Sept 22nd – Clark Lake Fall Regatta

this 2-day event will be held by Clark Lake Yacht Club in Clark Lake, Michigan.  a couple things from the notice of race:

Note:  5 boats minimum required for individual start –3 boats minimum for a fleet! Rebels, Interlakes, Sunfish, Wayfarers, Buccaneers, and Snipes!

sounds like a great time!  the official notice of race can be found here (.pdf file).


3 Responses to “september 2013 sunfish midwest schedule”

  1. 1 Tillerman (@ProperCourse) August 31, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Do the Regional and qualify for the 2014 InterGalactics!


  2. 3 max September 1, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Devils Lake yacht club – what a great name – sounds like a gang of nautical hells angels.


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