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caption this photo

car boatcaption this photo:

“it’s a bird, it’s a plane….”

“sure the RS Aero is nice, but it doesn’t have the classic lines of an Amphicar 770.”

let me hear some of your ideas in the comments.

Juerg Kaufmann Pure Sailing Passion

amazing photography by Juerg Kaufmann.

load the video up in full screen and HD – and enjoy!

buzzards bay 18: uncas – by artisan boatworks

this is a great video shot by Alison Langley to show off a newly built Buzzards Bay 18 – the first built in over a hundred years.  the wooden sailboat was built by Artisan Boatworks in Rockport, Maine.

click through to watch the video on Vimeo…

The Buzzards Bay 18 was designed by Nathanael Herreshoff in 1904 as the K Class design for Beverly Yacht Club. No original BB18 exists today. Alec Brainerd, at Artisan Boatworks in Rockport Maine, built the first one since 1904 from the MIT Herreshoff plans. This video tells the story of building, launching and sailing the BB18 “Uncas”, one of the sweetest Herreshoff day sailers you’ll ever see.

via: Alison Langley Photography


another awesome photo on the Laser Performance Instagram (@laserperformance):

photo by Laser Performance

sunfish worlds 2011: racing video collection

here is a great collection of video taken during the 2011 Sunfish Worlds down in Curacao.  the whole video is about 22 minutes long, with a ton of video coverage out on the water during the Sunfish racing, as well as some video shots from the beach during the setup, and a few short interviews with sailors (not always in English, though).

the video gets really exciting at about 9 minutes in – the video below should start right there – and continues for about 5 or 6 minutes.  the wind must have been really strong, and the waves were really big, and you can see the Sunfish sailboats cresting up and over the wave peak, and riding the wave down into the trough, at times seeming to swallow up almost the whole Sunfish and sailor.

there is also an short 30-second interview (direct link) with the 2011 Sunfish Worlds champion, Matheus Dellagnelo. and a slideshow of photos at the end of the video, but for photos… you’re better off just browsing the hundreds of photos at the Sunfish Worlds 2011 Flickr stream.

sunfish worlds 2011: Matheus is the champion!

ahead by 6 points going into the final day of racing at the 2011 Sunfish WorldsMatheus Dellagnelo of Brazil held nothing back, as he went to sail for 1st place finishes in the first 2 races of the day, which mathematically gave him the crown without even having to sail in the 11th and final race.

matheus dellagnelo (photo by Marianne Lenos)

Matheus sailed with amazing consistency and finished with (3) 1st places, (3) 2nd places, (2) 3rd places, (1) 6th place, and (2) discards, including the DNC in the final race to finish with 21 points total, just enough to stay 1 point ahead of 2nd place Alexander Zimmerman of Peru, who won the final race.  behind him in 3rd place was Francisco Renna of Argentina, and Ard van Aanholt of the host country Curacao finished in 4th place.  David Loring of the USA, a 3-time Sunfish World Champion (recently in 2009), finished in 5th place.  the full results can be found here.

also, the top racers per category are as follows, per Sunfishworlds2011.c0m.  [Category: Sailor (Home country, overall place)]

  • Junior: Ard van Aanholt (Curacao, 4th)
  • Apprentice: Matheus Dellagnelo (Brazil, 1st)
  • Apprentice Master: David Mendelblatt (USA, 9th)
  • Master: Malcolm Smith (Bermuda, 14th)
  • Grand Master:Richard van der Wal (Aruba, 46)
  • Great Grand Master: Dolf van der Giessen (Curacao, 59)

I’m sure this evening is busy with the festivities and the awards ceremony will be tomorrow night, so I’m sure that will have more updates in the next day or two.  as usual, stop by and check out the hundreds of incredible photographs taken in Curacao, during the racing and on the beach areas.

matheus (photo by bea moedt)


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