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wind jammers [movie preview]

here is a preview for a movie that came out a couple years back called Wind Jammers.

WIND JAMMERS is an independent film production about an American girl who learns to sail in the Bahamas but ends up learning much more about herself and the world around her. This inspiring movie set in the Bahama islands will take you on a sailing adventure!

there is some pretty decent footage of the young girl sailing a Sunfish in just the preview, so I would imagine there is even more Sunfish sailing in the video!

HT: Old Orchard Yacht Racing

GoPro: shark riders [video]

a sweet video of diving near the Bahamas, all shot with a GoPro video camera and the GoPro dive housing.

load it up in HD and watch full screen – it is pretty amazing footage.

HT: Moldy Chum

sunfish worlds video log #11 (by SailFast13)

sorry I’m a bit late in sharing these with you, but Sailfast13 has posted his 11th video log from the Sunfish Worlds down in the Bahamas… this is actually only part 1 of 8!!!  this 1st video shows some of the boats as they are readied to be stored back in the shipping containers, and has some close-up shots of the trophies/awards – they look amazing!  it appears that they are handmade, and were created using pieces of driftwood decorated with bronze sculptures of aquatic life.

the other 7 videos are from the awards ceremony: instead of embedding them in this blog post, I’ve included direct links to each of them below… most are quite long (10 minutes each).

parts 2 and 3 are mostly participation awards for each sailor from their respective countries.

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 2

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 3

part 4 is other miscellaneous awards for regatta organizers and some short speeches.

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 4

part 5 includes the Dave Thompson Memorial Trophy (a perpetual trophy in honor of Dave Thompson, who passed away while competing in the 2006 Sunfish Worlds in South Carolina)

The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor a Junior Sunfish sailor who best embodies the spirit and dedication that Dave Thompson brought to the sport of sailing.

The recipient of this award should show a passion for the sport of sailing, and a willingness and generosity to help other sailors and share their knowledge and experience with them. The winner will be selected by a popular vote of all sailors present at the World Championships.

part 5 also included several miscellaneous trophies – mostly making fun of several participants!

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 5

part 6 is more miscellaneous awards (youngest sailor – 14yrs old; oldest sailor – 79yrs old, the only great-grandmaster), and then awards for the top 3 juniors, highest woman, highest master (40+), highest grandmaster (60+), and wraps up with world championship trophies to the 10th, 9th, and 8th place finishers.

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 6

part 7 continues with more of the world championship trophies (7th thru 1st place). 2nd place winner (Paul-Jon Patin, USA) had his wife come up while he gave a short speech. 1st place winner (David Loring, USA, a 3-time champion!) finished up part 7 with his speech.

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 7

part 8 is the conclusion of the speech by David Loring.  David also provided a free copy of his DVD (Back to Basics for Sunfish World Championship Speed) to the (5) youngest sailors at the Worlds.  SailFast13(c) was one of the youngest sailors, and he gave the DVD a pretty good review here.

sunfish worlds video log #11 part 8

sunfish worlds video log #10 (by SailFast13)

Sailfast13 has posted his 10th video log from the Sunfish Worlds down in the Bahamas… another short clip – SailFast13 talks about getting ready for the last day of racing, including how he planned to change his rigging (removed the Jens rig) for the day, maybe to improve his results.

Also, be sure to check out his blog – – he had been posting on and off during the Sunfish Worlds, and plans to continue posting as he gets ready for sailing his Laser sailboat.

sunfish worlds video log #9 (by SailFast13)

Sailfast13 has posted his 9th video log from the Sunfish Worlds down in the Bahamas… it’s a short 30-second clip, he talks briefly about having just completed 3 races on day 4.

sunfish worlds champion – david loring

the Sunfish Worlds 2009 have come to a close, with the top 3 spots going to the USA, and it was a close one — they were separated from each other by just a few points.

  1. David Loring (USA)……………..28.6 points
  2. Paul-Jon Patin (USA)…………..30.0 points
  3. David Mendelblatt (USA)……..32.0 points

full results can be found here.  results sorted by category (apprentice, junior, master, grand master, senior, etc.) can be found here.

some additional coverage from a couple other blogs:

It’s Done. It’s Over.
And I miss it already.

Sunfish Worlds - photo by Robert Dunkley

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