update: Intensity Sails is currently running some great sale prices on a lot of items.  if you’re not looking to stay class-legal (for officially sanctioned racing), they have their own FRP practice daggerboard that is $169.99), and the Intensity Sails hiking strap ($12.99), plus they now offer a quick-release bolt for your gooseneck ($8.99 – much better than $22).

these are my parts lists – things I’m thinking about getting (or in some cases – dreaming – about getting), and in some cases – have recently purchased and installed – to repair and/or upgrade my 2 ‘Fish.  no set timeline for purchasing some or any of it, more just to keep track of things that catch my eye, and where I find the best prices for them.  I’ll update it randomly as I find problems with the 2 ‘Fish, or really sweet deals while surfing the net:

sunfish list:

  • a new sail – probably just a recreational one, but maybe with a window? actually, the more I think about it, I’m now leaning more towards the race style practice sail – to give me a little more power.
    • Intensity Sails – $119.99 for a race style practice sail (white only, includes the window, ~$10 shipping)
  • mast base cap and top cap – switch to the new mast cap style, and hopefully make the mast water-tight, to help prevent it from turtling when I dump it: mast cap – $11.69, base cap – $8.90 (picked these up at Torresen Marine on 8/28/09… the base cap doesn’t fit right… I did finally get them to fit – see my mast upgrades)
  • Sunfish Tune-a-kit (a package that includes all new lines, a set of sail clips, a hiking strap, a tiller extension universal, and a rigging guide, all packed in a nice little cooler with a Sunfish logo): $155 @ APSailing
  • aluminum clamcleat (to attach to the boom for the halyard): Clamcleat C211 Mark I $12.80 @ Sailboat Garage — check that, Wavedancer from the Sunfish Forum gave me a good tip – a horn cleat instead of the clam cleat is a better option – it will allow me to set up the Jens rig for heavy winds: $13.75 @ Sailboat Garage (installed on each mast – see my mast upgrades)
  • upgrade my mainsheet controls to a 57mm carbo block with stand-up spring and a swivel-base cam cleat
    • 57mm Harken H2135 carbo ratchet block: see this post about the 2135, updated 3/2/10)
    • swivel-base cam cleat (Harken 241)
    • I decided to SKIP the swivel-base cam cleat, and instead mounted a standard cam cleat on the lip of the cockpit – see my mainsheet block update
  • quick-adjust lever for the gooseneck: (I bought the $8.99 version at Intensity Sails – works beautifully so far)
  • daggerboard retaining strip (I currently just use a bungee cord)
  • a complete bailer (the plastic one, to replace my old version)
  • new drainplug assembly (2) – this is low on the ol’ totem pole

super porpoise list:

  • a new sail – SLO Sail and Canvas quoted me a custom sail for the Super Porpoise – only $377!
  • a mainsheet block and swiveling cleat (maybe the Harken 240 or 241?), or maybe upgrade the Sunfish setup (as noted above) and re-use my old setup on the Super Porpoise for now…
  • upgrade all of the lines
  • aluminum clamcleat — a horn cleat (same reason as above for the sunfish)

random stuff list:

  • marine tex & gelcoat supplies & fiberglass repair stuff – to touch up minor scratches, and any major repairs that come along
  • tell-tales (for both the Sunfish and Super Porpoise sails)
  • boat covers – I might just buy a couple of nice tarps from the hardware store, and a grommet kit to custom-make my own covers until a few years down the road when I’ll spring for a nice set of covers
  • make my own beach dolly for launching
  • a couple extra inspection ports, maybe a 4″ to go in the cockpit wall?
  • a bottleport! those things are sweet!
  • GoPro HD Surf Hero – takes HD video or shoots continuous photos, includes an adhesive base mount – looks amazing!
    • my wife bought me one! I used it a few times – see my videos page


11 Responses to “parts lists”

  1. 1 John Gregory May 4, 2010 at 8:59 pm


    I was looking for info on a Porpoise II and found your website. I am in Portage, near Kalamazoo.

    I found a place near Ann Arbor that has a Super Porpoise mast rig and sail available.


    I have an O’day DS II that is sailable and the Porpoise that needs glass work before it can be taken out. I am thinking of trying to split the top and bottom, which is why I was searching the web. We sail in Austin Lake and Lake Leelanau. I like your site.

    Take Care,
    John Gregory


    • 2 my2fish May 4, 2010 at 9:26 pm

      John – thanks for stopping by! I forgot that MS-PYC had the parts list. they are only about a 45 minute drive from me, so I’ll have to check out that Super Porpoise rig – sails are hard to find, and a brand new sail would be way too pricey.

      have you checked out the Sunfish Forum? that site is chock full of great advice, a lot of the repair tips would probably be similar for your Porpoise (II?). everything I have read recommends against splitting the hull – usually recommending inspection ports as access points instead of a full split at the seam.

      how do you like sailing on Lake Leelanau? I’m planning a 3 or 4-day trip to Traverse City in August, and plan to sail with my wife on the east bay, and maybe some nearby inland lakes. I have really been wanting to sail on Crystal Lake, near Beaulah.

      thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any more questions! cheers, my2fish


      • 3 John Gregory May 5, 2010 at 8:30 am

        Lake Leelanau is great, we sail on the southern end, there is a bridge in the town of Lake Leelanau that splits the North and South Lakes. My mast is too tall on the DS to pass through without stepping it down, but maybe this year. Both ends are great for sailing. For South Lake Leelanau launch from Bingham, it’s great. Around Traverse (I grew up there) I would suggest Glen Lake and Torch Lake. Like you, I would like to sail Crystal Lake. The weather can really kick up fast and wild up there, so be prudent. I saw a sight a while back where someone had sailed to South Manitou from Glen Arbor on a Sunfish. Looks great, but again I would want to be extremely sure of conditions before trying that passage. East Bay is nice, you might want to launch out of Old Mission, on the pennisula.

        I did read the recommendations against splitting the hull, but I’m thinking of going for it anyway. I want to get the old styrofoam out, and I am not sure where to install ports on the deck. Curiosity…



  2. 4 linda August 24, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    in your opinion, do you think a sunfish bailer will fit into a minifish?


  3. 6 Suzanne Fine May 22, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    I bought a used MiniSunfish and think I’m half crazy because I haven’t sailed in 31 years! I bought it from a retired dairy farmer in upstate NY who worked at the plant in CT many, many years ago. I don’t know how old it is, can’t find a serial number. I need a sail though I could use the dirty one with oil spots (!) on it and the black logo that smeared when I tried to clean it…I need whatever the piece is called that sits next to the mast (there’s a hole there now).The wooden daggerboard and rudder are in good shape. It even came with the sail for a Sunfish. I’m tempted to donate to a local sailing club in Cooperstown. Is it worth keeping? How much IS it worth?


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