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“frostbiters” – full documentary [video]

this is a neat documentary about that unique group of sailors that continue sailing all through the cold winter months, braving the wind and snow, ice-covered waters, and just insane weather conditions – to get extra sailing starts and experience out on their sailboats.

Snow, ice, wind, and freezing waters…sailing
The documentary “Frostbiters” explores the extreme sport of Frostbiting — where it is done, who does it, and why.
Exclusive interviews with some of America’s top sailors, photography and film from sources and sailing organizations all over New England, and directed and produced by Emmy award winning Thurston Smith

for additional information, you can look at the Facebook page:

for a nice interview of the director/producer Thurston Smith, see this interview by Shoreline Sailboats:



new year’s day sunfish sailing [video]

here is a pretty cool video of a Sunfish sailing regatta on New Year’s Day hosted by the Edgewood Yacht Club in Narragansett Bay, RI.

towards the very end of the video, the sailor is sailing incredibly fast on a downwind leg – the Sunfish is planing and just flying across the water.

HT: @livbarton

cold air sunfish racing [video]

here is another video of frostbiting at Barrington Yacht Club in Rhode Island.  this one is edited down nicely and is much shorter, only about 2 minutes long, but catches a lot of the action out on the water.

HT: @MYCSunfishFleet

frostbiting with Bill [videos]

here are (2) videos from just a few days ago of Bill Brangiforte sailing his Sunfish for the Frostbiting at Barrington Yacht Club in Rhode Island.  both videos are of a full race, so they are about 15 minutes long (each!).  I just recently posted Bill’s “Words of Wisdom” from his racing experience at the 2012 Sunfish Worlds.

race 1

race 2 – about 2 minutes or so into this race, as Bill is tacking his mainsheet snags on his life jacket, and he comes pretty close to tipping over!

HT: @MYCSunfishFleet

“real frostbiters sail Sunfish”

I’m not sure if the Newport Laser Fleet 413 will agree, but the Barrington Yacht Club seems to think that real frostbiters sail Sunfish.  both fleets are in Rhode Island, and maybe only a half hour drive from each other.

photo by Eric Woodman (from

here’s the article from where the Sunfish sailors present their case.  here is some information on the racing:

The Barrington Yacht Club starts its fall frostbite season on Sunday, Oct. 23, and will race through Dec. 18. Then they’ll be back at it March 4 to April 29 for the spring season. Thereafter, it’s too warm, too comfortable, for any self-respecting frostbite sailor.

and a great quote stirring the pot up with that other Laser fleet:

“If you frostbite a Laser on a windy day, you’re bound to go swimming if you’re trying hard,” Mr. Garland said. Sunfish, though, are more stable.

I’m just passing along the news… don’t shoot the messenger.  I’ve never even tried frostbiting with my Sunfish… I’ve done a polar-bear swim many a time in Lake Michigan’s frigid waters, but I’ve never tried sailing in waters that cold.



crazy norwegian laser sailing [video]

man, these crazy Norwegian sailors really go all out with their frostbite racing in their Laser sailboats.  I love how they launch the Laser by sledding the sailboat down the snow-covered hill!

(click on through to watch it on Youtube)

ice over Lake Erie

I had to fly to Pittsburgh today for a business trip.  we flew on a small Cessna twin-prop airplane out of the smaller city airport in Detroit.  how nice to park my car, walk 50 feet to the airplane, and be taxing down the runway and up in the air maybe 10 or 15 minutes later.  on the return trip, we flew over Lake Erie, and I snapped a few shots of the broken up ice chunks covering the lake.  [it’s my cheap cell phone, so don’t comment on the picture quality.]

the 1st picture is towards the southern edge of Lake Erie (along the north side of Ohio, Cleveland area):

the 2nd picture also of Lake Erie, but much less ice cover, as we flew north towards Ontario before making the left-hand turn to land in Detroit.

I don’t think there is any land visible in the 2 pictures – we were far enough over the lake to not see either shore.  all the white is just huge chunks of surface ice.  I’m guessing the natural flow of the water combined with the prevailing winds push all the ice to the south and east portions of the lake.

maybe some crazy frost-biters would consider sailing right now on Lake Erie, but it looks to me like us warm-weather sailors have got a few months more to wait around here.  I can hardly wait!

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