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today’s tunes: nineteen hundred and eighty five

a sailor on the Sunfish Forum was looking for help determining the age of his Minifish, and posted this hull ID number. 

the last 2 digits indicate the year the boat was built: 1985. 

makes me think of this groovy number by Sir Paul, himself no stranger to the Sunfish sailboat!


Sir Paul sails a Sunfish

I’ve posted a few photos from this Sunfish sailing session of Sir Paul’s down in Rio before at my blog post: here comes the sun[fish] – I didn’t realize there was video of it until recently I saw this video posted on the Sunfish Forum.

the video has a bit of a stalker feel to it, but I imagine that’s par for the course with big celebrities.

a few other blogger’s have previously posted about Sir Paul sailing the Sunfish: Proper Course: Dear Sunfish Class and World’s Most Expensive Sail and Captain JP’s log: Celebrity Sailing

here comes the sun[fish]

it appears that Sir Paul McCartney enjoys sailing, and recently spent that time on a Sunfish!  he’s down in Rio for some concerts, and took a break to go and sail on the Bay Guanabara, near the beach in Urca.

here comes the sun[fish] and I say it’s alright
little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here

I first saw the article over at the Sunfish Forum, that linked to this article (English translation).  both photos are from that article.


this post is for tillerman‘s writing project of the month – please please me, with direction to blog about something with a post title using the name of a song by the Beatles, and have it be more or less related to your blog.  after seeing photos of one of the Beatles sailing in a Sunfish, how could I not enter this as my submission?  stop by tillerman‘s blog – Proper Course – for frequent updates from other bloggers who post something about the Beatles.

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