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today’s tunes: a hand to take hold of the scene

I learned about this band Okkervil River from the old independent radio station WOXY out of Cincinnati.  as is often the case, I prefer the live, and in this case acoustic, version of this song to the original album version.

 When we’re so far from right,
When we’re losing the fight,
When we are letting the light weaken its beam
Oh, oh, Is there a hand to take hold of the scene?


today’s tunes: leap year by plus/minus

in honor of today’s date, here is a song titled “Leap Year” by a band called +/- (Plus/Minus).  I don’t really know a whole lot about the band – but it is once again a band I was introduced to by

She says, “Here is someday. 
We’ll find some way.”
Nothing’s put upon me

Search lights, helicopters
Sound the all clear
Someone’s pulling me in

She smiles and I leave my feet
She tries to bring the world out of sleep

All my indecision
Lacking vision
She holds a skeleton key

Leap year in our own way
Armistice Day
She is everything

She smiles and I leave my feet
She tries to bring the world out of sleep

She said, “Here is someday. 
We’ll find some way.”
And pulled me in.

today’s tunes: working for a nuclear free city

today’s tunes is yet another great song I found via (the now extinct independent radio station from Cincinnati, Ohio).  the song is “Asleep at the Wheel” by the band Working For a Nuclear Free City (WFANFC).  this version was recorded live in studio for as part of SXSW 2008 in Austin, Texas.

today’s tunes: skin of my yellow country teeth (CYHSY)

for today’s tunes, a catchy tune from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (CYHSY) titled: “Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth”.  the video was made by some students, but it’s not really clear who they are or where they are students, but it’s pretty creative:

Just listen to me I won’t pretend to
Understand the movement of the wind
Or the waves out in the ocean or how
Like the hours I change softly slowly
Plainly blindly oh me oh my!

CYHSY is yet another indie band that I discovered several years back listening to their Lounge Act podcast from while living in Cincinnati.  they have a very distinct sound, and the lead singer’s voice is… well… interesting.  the band’s music grows on you, though, really it does.  the band’s 3rd album, Hysterical, is set to release soon (September 2011).

sunfish sailing with my son [video]

here’s a short video from my evening sailing the other day with my oldest son, T2.  the winds were very light, so it was really more of paddle a little…. drift a little… turn around… and paddle back to shore before it got too dark.  but the sun was slowly setting, and it was gorgeous and so peaceful out on the water… a great way to spend some time with my son.

video is taken with a GoPro HD Surf Hero.  music is by Cloud Cult, the last portion of their song “Son is Watching”, taken from their live Lounge Act session on

sailing on Crystal Lake, Michigan [video]

I finally got around to editing down video from one of the great days of sailing that my wife and I had together during our vacation this August.  this is from our 3rd day of sailing – and it was the day with the most wind.

  • music: Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups (live @
  • video camera: GoPro HD Surf Hero

we sailed on Crystal Lake, launching from the free public ramp near the public beach right in downtown Beulah, Michigan.  over the course of about 3 hours that afternoon, we sailed approximately 5 miles west across the lake, and then turned around to sail back to the beach.  the video is mostly shot as we are sailing west across the lake, as either the memory card or the battery in the GoPro camera seem to max out at about 1.5 hours of video.

a few things I’ve now learned – I really need to get the Rain-X (that GoPro recommends) to put over the camera lens – it is supposed to help a lot with the water drops that get on the camera lens housing.  second – water drops, combined with sailing directly towards the sun don’t make for good video.  there were some great parts that I didn’t include in the video where my wife was hiking way out to keep the boat flat, but the video was all washed out due to the glare from the sun.  lesson learned (hopefully!).

clogs – lantern [video]

Clogs is a (mostly) instrumental group, playing what could be loosely described as contemporary chamber music.  the band has strong ties to the excellent rock band The National. the band is made up of 4 classically trained artists, and they worked together on Lantern and put together an amazing 4th album (released in 2006). I found this great write-up on how they work together to create songs from their label’s web page for the band:

Clogs’ “classical” music is the result of a peculiar writing process more akin to a rock band or a jazz quartet. The members come to rehearsals with basic ideas that the group riffs on and develops in jam sessions and live performance. Newsome later arranges these ideas into elegant and complex musical narratives that meld and extend the ideas of minimalist, modernist, and romantic composers, adding sounds and melodies drawn from the folk music of India, the Jewish Diaspora, and everywhere else.

Clogs is another one of the amazing bands that I have found through WOXY’s Lounge Acts – Clogs performed live in studio at WOXY back in 2006.  the following fantastic music video was put together by Vincent Moon (staff photographer for the band’s label, Brassland) for the song “Lantern”, the title song from the album.

“Lantern” is one of the few songs by Clogs that has words, and this case they are used sparingly, sung in a haunting voice that adds some amazing depth to the song:

Light me a lantern
In your lighthouse, my keeper
Me a lantern
Me a lantern

after you’ve checked out the video, maybe swing over to Tillerman’s Proper Course for an alternate view on clogs, and how they are related to boating.

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