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sailing therapy 

 it’s been too long since I last sailed. 



Lotawana on Ice [video]

this is a stunning video showing off iceboat sailing on Lake Lotawana, as well as some other winter fun out on some beautiful ice – including ice skating, ice hockey, even driving a 4-wheeler around on the ice.  the video work is superb, with a beautiful soundtrack in the background as well.

load this up in HD and watch in full screen if you can!


h/t: long time blog reader Dimitri (thanks!)

’tis the season

we spent a couple days at my parents’ house just before Christmas to celebrate the holiday with my side of the family.


luckily, we arrived after the bad ice storm that hit their area – and even luckier, they still had power!


branches were weighted down with a thick coating of ice, and various branches had snapped and fallen down around their yard, thankfully with minimal damage.


despite all the destruction, the ice storm aftermath makes for some amazing outdoor photography.  when the sun is shining, the ice everywhere can just sparkle and make everything glisten.  I spent a bit of time walking around outside with our silver lab puppy, Arwen – she loves exploring my parents’ yard.


I also snapped a couple great shots of the various birds that congregate at the bird feeders.


here is a great shot of a male cardinal hopping onto the bird feeder.


and a red-bellied (strange name, huh?!) woodpecker that was hanging out at the suet feeder.


all told, a beautiful few days spending time with family and celebrating the Christmas holiday, and enjoying the amazing power of nature intertwined with the beauty it creates.

merry Christmas!

[all photos taken with my Nikon D70 & a Nikon Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6G-AF Zoom Lens]

sunfish winter storage

today was an unseasonably warm day for January in Michigan – I think the temperatures were in the high 50’s this afternoon.  I’ve been unable to take my Sunfish up to my dad’s barn for winter storage due to various schedule conflicts and then snowy roads – so today was shaping up to be a perfect day to drive the hour or so west to his house and put it away in his barn.

I forgot to take any pictures today, but it looks pretty much the same as last year’s winter storage (see pic below)!  since no one was home – I even muscled the Sunfish up there by myself – it took a little creativity and some brute strength, but I was able to lift the boat up and fasten the 2×4 beams under it to hold it in place.

winter storage IMG_0073

when I was driving home, I did chance upon a VERY different way to store a Sunfish, and just had to stop and take a picture.  it looks like it was just tossed into the back of the old beat up wooden boat.


WISSA 2012: snow sailing & snow kiting

the 2012 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships is going on this week all the way up in St. Ignace, Michigan.  the event includes 3 types of sailing or classes: snow sailing (or sled class, where a windsurfing rig is used with some type of sled and the rider is standing), wing sailing (any wing held directly by hand), and snow kiting (a wing connected by line).  you can learn more about the activities at website/blog for the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA), or on the event’s Facebook page.

St. Ignace is located right across the Mackinac Bridge, the 1st stop in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  it is situated right on Lake Huron, with views over to Mackinac Island.  per the WISSA 2012 website, this will be the 1st time in 17 years that the international event will be hosted in the USA.

HT: the Detroit Free Press had an article about the event a few weeks ago.

happy groundhog day!

happy groundhog day!  this has certainly been a strange winter in Michigan – one of the warmer winters in my recent memory, and a very small amount of total snowfall so far.  it’s been above 50 degrees F several times in January, and this week will have several days in the low 40’s.  there have been a couple days of bright sunshine, too, which has been great.  we did have one snowfall of maybe 2 or 3 inches about 2 weeks ago – I took the boys sledding for a little bit that weekend.  it’s been pretty much the only chance we’ve really had all winter!

I posted this clip a couple years back, but I really like it – Bill Murray gives the weather report from the movie Groundhog Day.

we shall see what the the groundhog predicts tomorrow morning!

6 weeks of winter

well, it’s Groundhog’s Day, and the fat little vermin Punxsutawney Phil has spoken:

  • six more weeks of winter.
  • six more weeks of cold snowy weather.
  • six more weeks until I can go sailing.

my only consolation on a day like this: it brings back memories of Bill Murray (a favorite – after all, he is my sailing inspiration, remember?), in the movie named for today: Groundhog Day (link to wiki). see the wiki link for the basic plot, if you haven’t seen the movie (and if you haven’t… you should!).


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