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I’m doing the work

I’m not a slacker!

has the increase in instantaneous, short snippets of information, ready to be instantly accessed via various forms of social media caused a decrease in blogging?

is it easier to post something or “like” it on Facebook?

have Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr taken over as the place to look for sailing/nautical images and then some?

have Twitter, Snapchat, or the latest social media craze sapped away all of our fleeting attention spans?


I just let the boat do the work

sometimes life gets too busy and I have to remind myself:

I sail



sometimes I just need to remind myself:


my sailing inspiration

this has been, and probably will always be, my inspiration for sailing… it always makes me laugh every time I think about it.  ahoy!  I’m sailing! (I just let the boat do the work…)

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