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1960’s seventeen Sunfish ad

here is an advertisement from an issue of Seventeen magazine from the 1960’s showing off some Sunfish sailboats:

HT: EastBayRI


sailing a restored ’76 Minifish [video]

a few days ago while browsing the messages at the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group, I saw a neat sailing video posted of a recently restored 1976 Minifish.

there are also has some great pictures of the restoration project at the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group.

the Minifish sailboat is similar to a Sunfish, but is slightly smaller.  the Minifish sail area is 65 square feet (compared to the 75 square feet sail on the Sunfish).  the hull of the Minifish was about 2 feet shorter, and only weighed 75 lbs, so a little more than half the weight of a Sunfish.  AMF (the producer of the Sunfish at that time) introduced the Minifish to their product line in 1971 and continued making them until the early 1980’s.  this vintage ad from the 1970’s compares the Sunfish and Minifish.

amf sunfish, minifish

1970’s Sunfish racing stripes

this is a pretty cool vintage advertisement for Sunfish from the 1970’s showing off the various color combinations that were available.

racing stripes

thanks to the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group for permission to share the picture here.

Alcort Catfish sailboat vintage ads

here’s another odd sailboat that was produced for a while by Alcort, in addition to their Sailfish and Sunfish lines.  it looks like the date shown on this first picture is 1965.  that is about how old I figure my green Sunfish is, so there’s a good chance that someone has one of these in their garage or at a cottage on a lake and might even still be using it.

Wayne (he’s since passed away) posted about this little sailboat on the Sunfish Forum:

Pre-dates the production HobieCat. Designed by George W. Patterson, built and sold by Alcort, Inc. from about 1964 to 1969 at which time Alcort sold its whole sailboat business to AMF. AMF dropped the Catfish in favor of the more Hobie-like Trac Cat (Windrush) licensed from an Austrailian builder.

thanks again to blackbelair for sharing these vintage ads with me.

I also previously posted these vintage ads:

AMF/Alcort vintage sailboat ads

AMF/Alcort Hilu sailboat vintage ads

AMF/Alcort Hilu sailboat vintage ads

hey Joe! here’s another couple vintage ads for that AMF Hilu sailboat with the outrigger.

it looks like it shares similar parts to the Sunfish (and probably several of the other models offered by AMF/Alcort).  the sail area is 65 square feet so probably the same sail as the Minifish, and slightly smaller than the Sunfish sail at 75 square feet.  more information and additional pictures can be found at this site: AMF Hilu.

thanks again to blackbelair for posting the brochures and specifications over at the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group.

AMF/Alcort vintage sailboat ads

here are some pretty cool brochures from 1973 showing off the Sunfish sailboat, as well as some of it’s siblings that were offered at the time by the manufacturer AMF Alcort.  there is the slightly smaller Minifish and Sailfish, as well as the Puffer, Force 5, and Flying Fish, and 2 oddballs – the Hilu and the SeaMoth II. (click on the pictures for larger versions of each picture.)

thanks to blackbelair from over at the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group for permission to post these vintage brochures.  I think that the Sunfish is the only one of these sailboats still in production (although now being manufactured by Laser Performance).  and the current price is $4220, just a bit more than the 1973 price of $599.

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