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[sailing] anarchy in the UK

trying to ignore the drama and politics that has been going on in the last few months (years?) between both the Sunfish and Laser classes and the official builder, Laser Performance, and instead focus on the positive: Sunfish production has begun in the UK.  hopefully this will improve quality and help with new model and parts availability for the Sunfish sailing class.

here are pictures (all photos by Laser Performance, shared on Twitter and Instagram):

a nice glimpse at the construction process and inner workings of a Sunfish.

a healthy dose of fiberglass and gelcoat.

not sure of the significance – but no sign of the foam flotation blocks.  are they truly being phased out? or just not shown in any of these selected photos?

post title is a mashup of the Sailing Anarchy forum and the song by the Sex Pistols.

bow-shackle pen by Oceanus Brass

for those looking for a something with a nautical theme for the sailor in your life, this may be a perfect new gift idea.  it is the bow-shackle pen from Oceanus Brass.  soft polished brash, clean lines, with a small brass bow shackle attached to the top of the pen.  brass is always a common theme with nautical gifts, and while a nice compass and sextant set looks nice on an office desk, they are usually not very practical.

the pen is a conversation starter for sure: I had tucked into my shirt pocket the other day, and everyone who saw it asked about it. the pen has a nice heft to it, and is comfortable in your hand as you write with it.  the length of the pen is probably a tad too short for the size of my hands for any amount of long-term writing, but is perfectly functional for writing a quick note, or penning a card to a loved one.

the craftsmanship of the pen is quite stunning – there are two joints in the pen that are almost imperceptible.  smooth threaded joints allow you to spin off the upper part of the pen to reveal the pen tip for writing, and the 2nd threaded joint unscrews to allow you to change the pen ink refill.

the pen certainly bucks the trend these days to have everything disposable, made from cheap plastics that can be used briefly and then easily discarded.  at $100, it certainly isn’t in the price range of a box of cheap Bic ball point pens, but it’s a bargain compared to a Montblanc.  the solid brass construction is nearly indestructible, so for the cost of pen ink refill every couple of years, this pen will likely last forever.  Oceanus Brass currently has a kickstarter campaign to help fund a re-tool to their pen design to now include a Fisher Space cartridge, details here: Bow-Shackle Pen + Fisher Space Cartridge.  if you support the current kickstarter by Oceanus Brass, you can get one of the new pens for a nice discount.

you can also purchase a Bow-Shackle pen or other nautical inspired gifts (lots of brass!) from their website.  you can follow Oceanus Brass on Twitter and Instagram.

full disclosure: I received this pen as a gift in exchange for writing an unbiased review.

sunfish worlds 2011

the Sunfish Worlds for 2011 is only a few days away.  this year, the championship event is being held at Curacao at the Lions Dive & Beach Resort Curacao – which looks amazing!  there’s a nice aerial view (with notes) here. here’s another shot from above:

from the Sunfish Class website:

The Sunfish Class is returning to the beautiful island of Curaco for its 41st World Championship. Come visit the beautiful island and experience sailing at its finest!

It has been 20 years since the championship was last contested in the waters off Curacao. This year the Lions Dive Beach Resort will host the Youth and Open championships. From its protected beach, you sail only a couple of minutes into the open ocean where the steady trade winds blow.

the Sunfish Youth Worlds will be June 7th through 11th (Notice of Race, .pdf file), and the Sunfish Worlds will be June 12th through 18th (Notice of Race, .pdf file).

there is a great website that has been set up for the event this year:  the website is loaded with a ton of great information for the event, including the schedule of activities, regular & junior racer profiles for those participating in the event, tons of past results and information from previous Sunfish Worlds, and even a link to a webcam at the harbor.  you can also download the event program (.pdf file).

also, as usual with any of the Sunfish Worlds events, you can order one of the Worlds event Sunfish boats – brand new boats that are provided for the Worlds by Laser Performance, and will have only been used for this regatta.  ordering from Curacao, though, will require shipping the boat back to the USA (or wherever you may be!).

for those interested in following the event – I will try to post information and updates that as I find it around on the internet, and you can follow on your own using the following updates:


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