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model T & sunfish

I noticed the other day I got a couple blog visitors from a blog/website about flying and Corvair engines, in particular. it seemed like an odd thing at the time, but I found the author had some great information about, of all things, the Sunfish sailboat!

2011-08-21 sail w noah

sailing Lake Erie with my son

he compares it’s success to the Ford’s Model T car – and offers these thoughts on the popularity of the Sunfish:

Here is an odd, but important connection: Above is the most successful sailboat of all time, the Sunfish. No other boat in history even comes close to the numbers sold, the number of people who learned to sail or the hours they enjoyed. It was not the fastest sailboat of its era, nor the best in any other way but one: It was affordable because it was a brilliant simple design that was mass producible. They went to molded fiberglass in 1960, eventually producing a quarter million boats. These boats produced millions of sailors, and a very strong and enduring sailing base in the US, complete with a lasting market for more advanced boats.

well said, Mr William Wynne! for more information, see his blog post “Model T of the air?” at flycovair.

sunfish at sixty has a great article by Bruce Burdett posted right now about the Sunfish sailboat and it’s manufacturer in Portsmouth, Rhode Island: Sunfish at sixty: Most popular boat ever still keeps them busy at Portsmouth plant

The little Sunfish, far and away the most popular sailboat ever built, just turned 60 and they’re still churning them out at the rate of four a day at LaserPerformance in Portsmouth.


HT: @LaserPerform

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