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is it spring?

warm (45°F) and sunny February day in Michigan has me thinking sailing thoughts…. even though we just had ~18” of accumulated snow and a 3-week period when daily high temps didn’t even get above freezing.

I was scrolling through some old photos and found some great Sunfish sailing memories. these are from vacationing at Camp Arcadia on Lake Michigan, probably 2009 or so.

a common theme to the photos: I like taking people (adults and kids) for rides on my Sunfish so they can experience the thrill of it, even on some of the calmer wind days.

always look on the bright side of life


how could you not have a big smile on your face if you’re sailing underneath a sail logo like this?!

pic found at the Sunfish Forum, posted by Breeze Bender, and used here w/ permission.

talk like a pirate day!

tomorrow, September 19th, is “Talk Like a Pirate Day“!

so shiver me timbers, and blow me down!  use yer pirate keyboard, and navigate the stormy internet seas to stop on by the official website for all kinds of pirate goodies – name generators, “how-to” advice, pirate pick-up lines – it is chock full of good stuff.

now is the perfect time to hoist your Jolly Roger Sunfish sail and storm the seas!

enjoy the day, arrrrr!

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