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it’s a Hobie affair

something is amiss.

I think that maybe, just maybe, the skipper of Sunfish 3929 is having a bad influence on me.

he keeps cheating on 3929 with a big ol’ Flying Scot.

and now I’ve gone and sailed a a non-Sunfish sailboat.

that’s right: I sailed a Hobie Wave.

I just let the boat do the work.


I haven’t even sailed my Sunfish a single time this year.  we’ve been too busy, yadda, yadda, yadda (I’m good at making excuses…).

it was my first time on a boat with 2 hulls.  first time on a sailboat that wasn’t a Sunfish (or smaller).

and I liked it.

the water was warm, winds were decent, the location was spectacularly beautiful – perfect conditions to sail comfortably, but not risk tipping the Hobie, particularly since I had guests!

that’s right: 3 girls (women, really… my wife and 2 of my friends’ wives) fit more than comfortably with me on the Hobie.  I can’t say that could ever happen on my Sunfish.  well, you could try it, but it would be quite cramped, and make sailing difficult!

I could go into more detail about the other Hobie that (tried?) sailing at the same time as us, but that’s another story for another day.

should my Sunfish be jealous?





a Sunfish blogger: Sunfish 3929

here is another new(ish) Sunfish blogger on the interwebs:

Sunfish 3929 – the adventures of an old Sunfish and her skipper

Sunfish 3929’s blog is great – written from the perspective of the Sunfish herself.  laced with frustration with her skipper and his fondness for often racing in other boats, it has some great comic relief, and is great angle to take for writing a blog.

Sunfish 3929 is a 1977 Sunfish, owned by her skipper since way back then.  being an older boat, she only posts once or twice a month, sometimes with race results from the recent sailing sessions, or sometimes just to complain – because skipper is off sailing on some other boat! [didn’t realize Sunfish had such a jealous streak…]

stop by the Sunfish 3929 blog, and give the skipper and 3929 a warm welcome to the blog-o-sphere. heck, maybe offer up a cup of tea, and a shot of Marine Tex.  she is an older Sunfish, after all.

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