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I’ll follow the sun[fish]

Sir Paul of The Beatles has been spotted out sailing a Sunfish again.

Paul appeared confident in his abilities judging by his casual attire, which he chose instead of opting for protective clothing such as a wet suit.

(photo via Daily Mail)

I’ve blogged about Paul’s sailing fondness for the Sunfish before here and here.

Sir Paul sails a Sunfish

I’ve posted a few photos from this Sunfish sailing session of Sir Paul’s down in Rio before at my blog post: here comes the sun[fish] – I didn’t realize there was video of it until recently I saw this video posted on the Sunfish Forum.

the video has a bit of a stalker feel to it, but I imagine that’s par for the course with big celebrities.

a few other blogger’s have previously posted about Sir Paul sailing the Sunfish: Proper Course: Dear Sunfish Class and World’s Most Expensive Sail and Captain JP’s log: Celebrity Sailing

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