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sailing art: Monet – The Riverbank at Petit-Gennevilliers

I like Monet.

The Riverbank at Petit-Gennevilliers, Sunset (1875)

Oil on canvas, 61 x 80 cm

sailing clowns

I stumbled on these unique paintings a couple days ago.  the artist Sean Landers has created a collection called “Around the World Alone”, where he depicts a solo clown, sailing on the ocean.

clown 01Around the World Alone (Lord of the Seas), 2011
Oil on linen, 78 x 126 inches
clown 02Around the World Alone (Waxing Moon Torpor), 2011
Oil on linen, 32 x 28 inches

for more details and additional paintings – see the full collection at Petzel Gallery.

Argenteuil – Monet

argenteuil(1) monet

Argenteuil, 1872, Claude Monet

kinetic art: sailing [in motion]

as meech so wisely pointed out in a comment on my last post – how can it be kinetic art without video evidence? the proof is in the pudding:


kinetic art: sailing

a friend and coworker showed off his latest creation today.  our office had just relocated a few miles away, and we are all still settling in to our new offices (or cubicle, in my case).  he had created something called kinetic art [any piece of art that uses motion or movement for its effect].  and for his subject – he had chosen something he and I both share a passion for… sailing.

kinetic art 1he calls it “regatta”. 

it is a simple, balanced creation – but subtle in its creativity.

plain wire is shaped to mimic waves, and balance the shapes hanging below.

fisherman’s swivels connect the wires to the sails.

sails are hand cut from copper sheet.  slightly scuffed with sandpaper and blazoned with a torch – each sail is uniquely different, with the effects of the torch creating a rainbow of colors on the copper sail surface.

kinetic art 2

the artwork is hung from the ceiling with a fishing leader. it benefits from a nearby heating & cooling vent on a piece of duct work nearby… the copper sails slowly dance and chase each other in a lazy circle, racing towards the finish line.

simple, graceful, beautiful.


sunfish sailing art: the flip

I found this cool sketch on the email list for the Greater Detroit Sunfish Club (GDSC).  the sketch is by Anne Knight Weber – “an artist, writer, photographer and cartoonist”.  (the sketch is available as a notecard for purchase.)

sunfish flip sketch

The Flip – by Anne Knight Weber

you can see more of Anne’s work at her website:

or at her Tumblr page:

sunfish bootcamp

here’s a pretty sweet painting of some Sunfish sailboats by artist Keith Wilkie.

“Sunfish Bootcamp” by Keith Wilkie

you can find more information about Keith and his other works here.

A sailor, beach lover and traveler from an early age, his work has always revolved around the water: coastal scenes, boats and the beach

HT: @Sunfishklasse

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