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sailing log 2013-07-11: Ford Lake

on a Thursday night a couple weeks back, I headed down to Ford Lake again for a short evening sail.  Lake Erie was tempting, but a bit too much of a drive since I was starting on the road a bit later than practical for driving all the way there and getting any decent sailing in before dusk.

boat traffic on the lake was light again – there was one large sailboat off to the west/northwest, but I never caught up enough with him to see what it was or to say hello.  winds were okay, but a bit lighter again, mostly from the north, so I set off on a reach more or less west across the lake.  I used my Runkeeper app again with its GPS to track my sailing route (I forgot to turn it off at the end, so a bit of the route is up on land when I walked up to get my Sunfish PVC dolly).

Ford Lake 2013-07-11it was a pleasant evening for a sail, with the decent wind and warm temperatures, and if I set my course just right, the mast of the Sunfish would block most of the direct light from the sun setting in the west, and I might actually see where I was going!

I snapped the picture below with my iPhone after I had turned around and was sailing back towards the east, with the sun shining from behind me.  I’m quite happy with the quality of the pictures that the iPhone is able to take through the plastic case of the dry bag (Micro Whanganui) that I bought.


I snapped this last picture of the ramp area – my Sunfish is tied off to a dock while I went to get the Sunfish PVC dolly to haul it up to my truck & trailer.


I only sailed about an hour – making sure I had plenty of time to get the boat out of the water, derigged and up onto my trailer to get back home.  it was a great evening sail, though!


sailing & kayaking log: 2013-07-05 Round Lake

for the July 4th holiday this year, my wife and I joined several college friends at a lake cottage on Round Lake. this has become a little bit of a tradition, as I think this is now our 3rd year in a row meeting up there together.

Thursday afternoon we took the pontoon boat for a spin out on the lake and stopped to swim at the large sand bar.  we enjoyed some awesome food & drinks and fellowship, and then watched the beautiful sunset, followed by fireworks from all around the lake.


I woke up Friday morning, and gathered up my things to take the Sunfish out for a spin on Round Lake.  the wind was pretty calm, but I thought I might as well give it a try… but it was pretty much a drifter the whole way.  at one point in a shallow area, I just got off the Sunfish, and walked a couple hundred yards through the shallow area, towing the Sunfish along behind me.  this is a screenshot from my GoPro video camera (that I ended up just turning off).

walking round lake

I saw (4) other Sunfish out on the water, and thought I might try to sail over to them to say hello – but I just couldn’t make any headway in that direction, and I think they realized it just wasn’t enough wind to be on the water, as they each made their way back to shore.  you can just barely see a couple of their little triangular sails off in the distance.


after a short while, I gave up on sailing, and slowly started making my way back to the cottage.  a little bit of paddling was required to speed things along.  once I got back, I left my Sunfish more or less rigged and ready to go if the wind was to ever pick back up again, but it never really did.


while I was trying to sail, I used my new Aquapac (Micro Whanganui) dry bag to keep my iPhone dry, and then turned on my Runkeeper app to use the GPS to track my sailing movements.  I guess in theory, it would be a pretty neat result, but since it was such light winds, I basically just drifted in a large circle (sailing route shown with blue lines on the map below).

later in the afternoon, two of my friends and I each took a kayak for a spin, and ended up paddling quite a long way around the lake. I used Google Maps to trace our approximate route (kayaking shown by red lines) – it ended up being about 3.75 miles of kayaking! not too bad for maybe my 1st ever serious kayaking.

round lake 2013-07-05

all told it was a great couple days spent on the water, enjoying time with old friends, and mixing in a bit of delicious cooking and cold frosty beverages.  the Sunfish sailing left a little to be desired, but sometimes the winds just don’t like to cooperate.

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