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today’s tunes: Led Zeppelin – Live at Royal Albert Hall

holy smokes, sit back and enjoy this full Led Zeppelin concert from Royal Albert Hall in 1970.


celebration day

you can head to your local theater to watch the movie on the big screen, or you can pre-order the DVD + CD combo package online. a perfect Christmas present maybe?

which begs the question: can a guy ever have TOO many records from the same band?  I think not.

40 years ago today: led zeppelin IV

40 years ago today, Led Zeppelin released their 4th studio album, which has come to be known as IV.  these days, I have pretty varied musical tastes, but Zeppelin is still my favorite…. they are the best rock and roll band ever.

the album has “Stairway to Heaven”, probably their most famous song, as well as “Black Dog” and “Rock and Roll”, but for today’s tunes I’ve chosen instead “When the Levee Breaks.”

sit back and enjoy.

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