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sunfish frankenboat: “folk art”

I know I’ve seen this disaster before, but was reminded of it again on the Sunfish Forum.

plywood sides, plexiglass windows, and a little cabin have been scabbed onto the deck of a (fiberglass) Sunfish hull.  it’s not clear if a motor was meant to be added or not, or if the original Sunfish mast and sail would be used? no oar locks visible either – so I’m not sure if this contraption was ever meant to see the water? or perhaps it was just going to be a prop for parades and things like that?

the “boat” is listed for sale on Craigslist at the Jersey Shore.

I’ve posted about this unique boat before – looks like it has a fresh coat of white paint… but only on the plywood.  don’t bother painting the dirty old fiberglass hull to match!


a fistful of ‘Fishes

just recently saw a Craigslist post selling 5 used (and slightly abused?) Sunfish in New Jersey.  the ad says they are from a fleet, and should have some (or all?) of the required rigging.

jersey sunfish

looks like they have been tossed around somewhat – the splashguard/coaming seems to have fallen off the 2nd from the left Sunfish.  $250 each is what they’re looking for…


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