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it ain’t no spring chicken

it has been a busy spring and early summer, but alas no sailing (yet).  we’ve moved into the new house (not totally unpacked and settled yet), and the old house has sold, pending the usual inspection/appraisal/closing stuff.  moving out into the country has given us an opportunity to see a lot more wildlife up close and personal – this guy came strolling up the driveway yesterday afternoon.  might just make for a nice Thanksgiving dinner in a few months!


the ebb and flow of life

it has been different this year.

my weekends were usually pretty filled up with working on finishing our barn. it’s not done yet, but it has come along nicely, and is getting closer. we are having the house plans drawn up now, so maybe the house will be next summer?


early July brought along another distraction. Mrs My2Fish and I were blessed with our 4th boy.

4 boys!


so I didn’t get to sail very much. almost not at all, really. just two afternoons on Lake Michigan.

but, those were pretty special days: I got to sail for the first time with my 2 older boys sailing on their own, in their own sailboat – a Minifish. sailing alongside me, instead of just riding along with dad on the Sunfish.


both of them took the 2 week sailing classes again thus summer, and they really enjoyed it. my oldest son even sailed a Laser (and loved it, *gasp*).

so did I sail much this year? hardly. but it hasn’t been a lost year.

it was a year that brought new life.

new beginnings.

new adventures.

trillium & May apples

a sure sign of spring – May apples are growing all over out in our woods, with a few white trillium flowers blooming amongst them.



merry Christmas 2013

hope you have a blessed Christmas celebration with family and friends!

we spent the day at home – just me and my wife and our 3 boys, opening presents in the morning, and then the boys spent most of the day building Lego sets.  Arwen loved sticking her nose into the presents and joining in the fun.


I spent a little time out at the barn, finally figured out how to get the electricity working.  our garage door now opens and closes without having to start the generator! here’s a view looking south towards the barn from where our future house will sit.



barn progress

I’ve been distracted lately by a building project: we are putting up a barn on the plot of land we bought last summer.

we paid an excavating company to do the site prep, foundations, concrete slab, and driveway.

and now Thursday and Saturday, I had several members of my family down to help build and raise the walls.

next step is trusses and the roof – but we are waiting on truss delivery.


morel mushrooms

a spring tradition in Michigan is morel hunting out in the woods.  we’ve gone out looking for them twice this past week out at the homestead, and came home both days with some morels.  Thursday we found a small patch of them (weighed them to0 – 3.6 oz), and then this afternoon, we brought home about twice as much (8.2 oz) as Thursday.


today’s haul included this monster morel.


so tonight for dinner, we used some leftover steak and baked potatoes we had cooked on the grill last night, along with chopped onions and sweet peppers to make a delicious hash to pair with the sauteed morel mushrooms. check it out:


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