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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! May you and yours have a blessed time this holiday season.


photo quiz

with a large family like mine, it it often difficult to align everyone’s schedule and get us all together at once.  so this year we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family a few days late, opening presents on Friday night, and then having our big holiday dinner Saturday night.  here is my dinner plate:


here is a photo of dessert:


here is the photo quiz:

  1. what is the main type of meat from dinner?
  2. what are the 2 sauces for the meat (both at the top of the plate)?
  3. what are the 6 side dishes? (or just list as many ingredients as you can)
  4. what was the dessert (with ingredients)?
  5. how many of the my2fish clan were in attendance?
  6. what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

if you are a family member who was at the dinner, don’t give away any answers, but feel free to comment with thoughts (and any corrections if I incorrectly identify anything!).

good luck!

happy holidays!

Merry Christmas (a bit late) and happy New Year (a bit early)!  hope you all have a great time over the holidays!

here is a great holiday picture of a holiday Sunfish (photo by Laser Performance):

holiday sunfish

festivus poles & Sunfish masts

so 12/23 is Festivus, a holiday tradition started on Seinfeld.

for the last several years, I’ve taken a Festivus pole in to work, complete with a home-made stand I made for it to keep it upright.  the Festivus pole is made from aluminum (favored for it’s strength-to-weight ratio), and it usually not decorated.  I had never really made a connection with the Festivus pole and sailing before, but I think that Mr Tillerman was hinting on The Twitter that there is something familiar about the Festivus pole.

I think he was hinting that it bares a striking resemblance to a Sunfish mast.  my particular Festivus pole came from another source (my father-in-law works at a shop that uses a lot of aluminum tubing to fabricate equipment), it is quite a bit shorter, and has a MUCH thicker wall thickness than the typical Sunfish mast.  I left it at work, but I would guess the diameters are fairly close.

I’ve heard stories of Sunfish sailors going sailing in conditions with extremely powerful winds and bending the mast on the Sunfish – maybe this thicker-walled Festivus pole would have made a good substitute.  well, more than likely, it’d probably just force the problem from the mast to the fiberglass and destroy the fiberglass mast step… so maybe the thin-walled Sunfish mast was thin by design, to make it the weakest link and avoid damaging the fiberglass.  then again, I’m probably putting too much thought into this.

anyway, enjoy the holiday of Festivus tomorrow, and the holiday season in general.  here’s a video montage from the Festivus episode if you haven’t already seen it, or just want to relive the fun.

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