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today’s tunes: the gloaming – the Booley House (live at the NCH)

this is a beautiful instrumental song by the group known as The Gloaming (I’ve posted previous songs from them here).

the video is a brilliant time-lapse of a pen and ink with watercolor sketch by Donegal-born Limerick-based illustrator Jacob Stack.

the Booley House will be on their upcoming album: Live at NCH (will be released on Real World Records on March 2nd 2018.)



today’s tunes: luck of the Irish?

well this was a slightly misleading title for the blog post, but timed well with St. Patrick’s Day.

today’s tunes is from the band The Gloaming, an incredible piece called “The Pilgrim’s Song” from their 2nd album.

the band has just a great overall sound, a nice mixture of classical and folk music, with fantastic violin/fiddle strung throughout all of their songs.

here are the English translation of the lyrics:

The land spoke like a temple
The Rivers journey was winding
to their knees the valleys genuflected
the sign of he cross on the branches

I heard the gospel on the wind
and holiness was upon the earth
This was where my first love lived
I’d not been this way for so long

I saw life like a tale from the Fianna
Long ago when it was morning
The way a magic wand takes the sword’s shape
In the hands of children

There is a vision, that I know well
Simmering in the womb of my imagination
A bright flame without substance, a breath,
Pleading for an appropriate shape.

more information on the song and the studio album can be found here via their label, Brassland.

I’ve posted one song previously by The Gloaming: “the sailor’s bonnet”

“the sailor’s bonnet” by The Gloaming

this is a beautiful instrumental song by an Irish folk band called The Gloaming. the song is titled “The Sailor’s Bonnet” and this version was filmed at Christchurch in Cork, Ireland, in December of 2012.

The Gloaming are on the awesome label Brassland.


today’s tunes: sailin’ up, sailin’ down – pete seeger

RIP Pete Seeger.

On morning of August 21, 2010 Pete Seeger, Lorre Wyatt and friends gathered aboard the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater to film their performance of the new song “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on You.” After the filming, while the Clearwater was docking, they had an impromptu jam session that included this song “Sailin’ Up, Sailin’ Down.” Pete Seeger played banjo and took two solos. Lorre Wyatt played acoustic guitar and sang a verse.

the rains of Castamere – by The National

a new song released by The National for the upcoming 2nd season soundtrack for the HBO show “Game of Thrones“, based on the Song of Ice and Fire series of books by George RR Martin.  I’ve read books 1 through 4, but not book 5, and I haven’t watched any of the TV series yet.  but I am a sucker for music by The National.  enjoy.

for a little history of the song, see this wiki page.

And who are you, the proud lord said,
that I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
that’s all the truth I know.
In a coat of gold or a coat of red,
a lion still has claws,
And mine are long and sharp, my lord,
as long and sharp as yours.
And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.

HT: @The405

toronto day 1: the National concert

I previously covered the train ride to Toronto.  after our dinner at the Chinese restaurant, my parents took our three boys back to the hotel, and my wife and I jumped back on the subway to head back to Union Station, followed by a short walk after that to the Air Canada Centre (where the Toronto Maple Leafs play hockey) to see the concert.  my wife had bought the tickets a few months ago as my birthday present – but the 2 closest shows were either Chicago or Toronto, and my parents love to visit Toronto so they volunteered to join us and watch the boys during the concert, and then spend a few days sight-seeing with us.

concert tickets and a transit day pass

we missed most of the opening band, but I had never heard of them (Wye Oak) so I wasn’t too upset.  the 2nd opening band was Neko Case – she and her accompanying band were pretty solid, but I only knew two of the songs they played (Hold On, Hold On & Red Tide).

after a brief break, the headlining show came on stage – it was The National, probably my favorite band right now.  I can (and do) listen to them almost every day – I have all of their albums loaded onto my little iPod Nano, and I can just set that on random and listen all day.

the National live at the Air Canada Centre

here’s a photo I snapped with my iPhone – it’s a tad grainy, but you can see the large projector screen they had set up behind the stage, to show video of the band members playing live or in this case, random video shots that went with the song.  I believe this was during their song Abel.

I kept track of the songs – noting at least the main lyrics in case I couldn’t remember the song title, and then figured out the correct songs when I got home.  here’s the setlist:

  1. Runaway  
  2. Anyone’s Ghost
  3. Mistaken for Strangers
  4. Baby,  We’ll be Fine 
  5. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  6. Slow Show   
  7. (Drum solo) Squalor Victoria 
  8. Afraid of Everyone 
  9. Conversation 16 
  10. Son
  11. Apartment Story  
  12. Abel
  13. Sorrow
  14. I Need my Girl (live debut of a new song)
  15. England
  16. Fake Empire


  1. Rylan (live debut of a new song)
  2. Mr November 
  3. Terrible Love 
  4. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (acoustic, no microphones)

it was a fantastic concert, I knew all of the songs – except for the 2 new songs, and it was pretty awesome to be at the concert where the 2 new songs made their live concert debut.  my wife doesn’t listen to The National as much, but she said she did recognize about half of the songs, and she enjoyed the concert as well.

I got lucky with my iPhone, and the 2 songs I tried to get video for were the 2 new songs – the video quality isn’t great, but the sound quality was surprisingly awesome.

here’s a good review of the show from Jesse Kinos-Goodin of the National Post. I certainly agree with this:

That came just in time for The National to unveil two surprises — a new song, I Need My Girl, and the addition of Canadian Owen Pallett, whose syncopated violin perfectly complemented the finger-picked guitar and heart-breaking lyrics (Pallett should definitely be featured on the studio version of this track when it’s recorded for the next album).

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