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JD summer clearance sale

I’m a big fan of Jamestown Distributors, and have been on their email list for quite some time.  today’s email had a nice little photo surprise – an old wooden Sunfish!

JD wooden sunfish

for Sunfish sailors, Jamestown Distributors is an excellent source for epoxy & fiberglass supplies for when it comes time to make repairs to your Sunfish hull.  they supply West System epoxy  & all the various fillers, and they have recently started their own line of boat repair products, the “Total Boat” line.  I also used JD to purchase supplies for when I did the repairs and re-finished my Sunfish daggerboards and rudders.

Sunfish hull repair method

here is an excellent video created by Shoreline Sailboats on Sunfish hull repair.  Shoreline Sailboats is an authorized Laser Performance dealer in western New York.

as an aside… it is nice to see Shoreline using the Total Boat product line from Jamestown Distributors.  I’ve purchased some of the Total Boat Thixo, but have not used it yet.  the Total Boat product line seems like a good alternative to West System products that is perhaps a little easier on the wallet!

fiberglass boat repair by Laser Performance [video]

I’ve had a link to this video over in the “links” on the right-hand side for quite some time, but don’t recall ever posting about it.  this is a video taken at Laser Performance in Rhode Island, the manufacturer of the Sunfish and Laser and other small sailboats, about how to make repairs to a fiberglass boat.

just thought it’d be appropriate to post this for comparison, as I just posted the sunfish fiberglass repair video by doug, a 1st-time do-it-yourself guy who did such a great job with his video.

sunfish sailboat fiberglass hull repair [video]

just a few days ago, I saw this sweet how-to video posted over at the Sunfish Forum for doing your own fiberglass repair to fix leaks or hull damage to your Sunfish.

doug does a sweet job of narrating the process and putting the video together, and makes the whole process look pretty simple!  and, all this from a first-timer, no less!

This is a video of a repair I made to one of my early 1970’s sunfish that had a split in the hull underneath the cockpit.

For me this was a first time fiberglass repair.

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