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Newton’s 3rd law of motion

for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I admit it, I’m an engineer by day – and should know better about the physics involved here, but I still somehow didn’t see it coming.  my brother-in-law thought it’d be fun to jump off the Sunfish as we were approaching the beach.  seemed like a reasonable and fun idea to me – until the boat rocked backwards and dumped me off into the water as well!


a Sunfish sailing fail caught on my GoPro

I was looking through some of my GoPro video footage from sailing my Sunfish last summer on Lake Erie, and I put together this little clip of me flipping the boat over.  I had been sailing a while and came in close to shore so that I could adjust the way my GoPro video camera was mounted back on the end of the lower boom.

in retrospect, I’m not really sure why I didn’t go all the way into the beach to fiddle with the camera – maybe I thought the process would be simpler?  either way, it ended up a bit of a mess, and flipped the Sunfish right over when the sail caught the wind just right.  thankfully the water wasn’t deep enough for the boat to flip all the way over and “turtle”.

I hope you find some joy in my stupidity!


sunfish sailing fail

I was looking through some of my GoPro video footage from some sailing this summer, and stumbled on this gem… I was sailing on Lake Erie, and had come in towards shore to hop out and adjust the angle of my GoPro Hero video camera that I have mounted out on the boom.  it was a bit windy, and right after I adjusted the GoPro, the wind caught the sail against my raised daggerboard, and completely flipped the Sunfish over into the water!

gopro gone wrong

sunfish winter storage

today was an unseasonably warm day for January in Michigan – I think the temperatures were in the high 50’s this afternoon.  I’ve been unable to take my Sunfish up to my dad’s barn for winter storage due to various schedule conflicts and then snowy roads – so today was shaping up to be a perfect day to drive the hour or so west to his house and put it away in his barn.

I forgot to take any pictures today, but it looks pretty much the same as last year’s winter storage (see pic below)!  since no one was home – I even muscled the Sunfish up there by myself – it took a little creativity and some brute strength, but I was able to lift the boat up and fasten the 2×4 beams under it to hold it in place.

winter storage IMG_0073

when I was driving home, I did chance upon a VERY different way to store a Sunfish, and just had to stop and take a picture.  it looks like it was just tossed into the back of the old beat up wooden boat.



I saw this posted on the Sunfish Forum today, apparently a photo from the Italian championship.

I’ve never done that in a Sunfish, but I have pulled off a similar move in a sea kayak – wave lifted me and the kayak up, and it nose-dived straight into the sand, threw me off and forward, and then landed on top of me.

HT: Wavedancer at the Sunfish Forum

how to rig a Sunfish

I found another Sunfish rigging guide, this one at A Comfortable Sail.  it is a simple 1-page written step-by-step procedure that was created by Matt for the Johnson County Sailing Society (JCSS) that sails on Sunfish sailboats at Shawnee Mission Park Lake in Kansas.  here is a snapshot of the introduction (below), and here is a link to the original file (a .pdf file).

combine this with my list of Sunfish rigging guide(s), and hopefully you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your boat rigged correctly, and out on the water for some fun sailing.

or you could just skip all that silly reading, and be the guy out on the water with your boat rigged something like this.  I found this picture on a Craigslist “for sale” ad… I’m pretty sure he has never sailed the boat before.

Sunfish rigging FAIL

boating FAIL #2

green layer of scum all over the hull?…. check.

large hole and fiberglass damage near the cockpit?…. check.

surrounded by poison ivy?…. check.

using the thin fiberglass hull on the Sunfish to rest your trailer hitch?… FAIL.

HT: thanks to Geophizz at the Sunfish Forum for the picture.

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