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Norm Abrams builds a Clancy sailboat

I just found this 2-part series that Norm Abrams did for his show New Yankee Workshop where he builds a plywood and epoxy sailboat.  Norm first visits the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington to talk with Bob Pickett, the builder/developer of the sailboat Norm plans to build – the Clancy.

Norms clancy the Clancy sailboat is built using marine grade plywood and 2-part epoxy.  Norm doesn’t ever mention the brand of epoxy, but it sure looks like WEST System epoxy.  the joints in the plywood are covered with fiberglass tape, and epoxied into place to create a strong joint that is also water-tight.

several coats of epoxy are also used to cover the entire wooden surface to again seal up the wood and make the boat water-tight.  as the epoxy is not very resistant to UV light, the bottom is painted with marine grade paint, and the sides and deck of the boat are varnished to provide a protective layer.

part 1 of the series (these are not very high-quality videos – if you plan to build one, I’d buy the DVD and plan set from New Yankee Workshop):

and part 2:

Duckworks Magazine has a great page on building a Clancy sailboat as well with several pictures of the process.

measured drawings for the Clancy sailboat are available from the New Yankee Workshop website, and you can also purchase a DVD with both episodes of the show.

I’ve always loved watching Norm on New Yankee Workshop, and woodworking has been a hobby of mine for a while.  I’ve been pretty happy with my Sunfish sailboats, but it might be a fun project to combine the love of woodworking and sailing into one project to work on over a long Michigan winter.


small boat sailing in a lightning storm

Alan Glos who posts often at the Sunfish Forum passed along this article he had written a while back for Duckworks Magazine, and I thought I’d share it here as well.  he recounts sailing on Crystal Lake, an AMAZING lake in the northwest part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.  he was sailing on an old Super Porpoise, similar to a Sunfish, but slightly larger.  the article is “An Encounter with Lightning,” here are a few quotes:

On this particular day the wind was light and the atmosphere was uncharacteristically muggy. After an hour or so, I found myself completely becalmed near the center of the lake.

The calm persisted. I had a clear view toward the west side of the lake and to my horror I saw a classic line squall bearing down on me and my becalmed boat at an alarming rate of speed.

what do you think? was his method to minimize his risk of a lightning strike the best idea, or was there a better alternative?

But the important question was the lightning factor, specifically was I safer mostly submerged in the lake or by being in the lake was I more prone to the ill effects of a surface strike?

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