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sailing log: Father’s Day 2021

two years in a row means it is tradition, right? for our 1st sail of the year was Father’s Day, I took all 4 boys down to Ford Lake near Belleville, Michigan. it was a lot of just drifting along, but still a great time with the boys.

my 2nd son chose to fish from the shoreline, but the other 3 boys all joined me out on the water – my oldest son on the Minifish and me on the Sunfish with the 2 youngest sons.

it was a hot and humid day, and sadly very little wind. plenty of jet-ski traffic around us as well.

the lighter winds allowed my youngest son to explore on the Sunfish.

he even pretended to be a pirate and jumped over to board the Minifish and sail with his older brother for a while.

3rd son took the tiller and mainsheet for a while.

all told, a great time. just hope for better winds the next time.

today’s tunes: fell on black days

holy crap, Chris Cornell died last night in Detroit after a Soundgarden concert at the Fox Theatre.

Soundgarden was a huge band for me back in high school.

plus Cornell’s work with Temple of the Dog and later Audioslave?

this man just pumped out great music.

I’m a bit floored.

updated with a video from the show last night: the day I tried to live

PYC junior learn to sail classes

we just registered our 2 older boys for sailing lessons this year.  there are a few programs in the Detroit Metro area that offer sailing lessons for youth during the summer, but the location and/or times vary quite a bit.  we chose to use Pontiac Yacht Club (PYC) on Cass Lake.


PYC has a junior/youth sailing program that starts with a “beginner” class, followed by an advanced/intermediate class, which could lead to junior sailing if your child is interested.  we are starting both of them in the beginner 2-week class, and we’ll see how things go from there!

This class includes learning water safety, parts of a sailboat, wind direction, basic sailing direction and knots. The majority of the class time is spent gaining experience on the water in club supplied Optimists, Bics or 420 two-handed sailboats.

Great Lakes shipping: St Clair & Detroit River HD time lapse

this video is a tad long (and quiet… could use some background music or something!), but overall it is a very neat view from a shipping freighter as it makes it way down the St Clair River, into Lake St Clair, and then down the Detroit River and into Lake Erie.

The rivers serve as an important transportation route connecting Lake Michigan, Huron, and Superior to Lake Erie, Ontario, the St. Lawrence Seaway and Erie Canal.


detroit SUP festival 2012

this weekend, Saturday, July 28th, is the Detroit SUP Festival 2012.  when I first caught wind of this event, I was thinking it might be held in Detroit, specifically on the Detroit River. turns out the event will be on Kent Lake in Kensington Metropark (I’ve sailed there a few times), so in a northwest suburb of Detroit.  not exactly Detroit, but I guess close enough to call it the Detroit SUP Festival 2012.

early Saturday morning there will be a 3 mile recreational class short course race, followed by a 6 mile Elite class race.  the 3 mile race says it is for all ages and abilities, but the racing is 13 years and up… not sure what that means.

the event is free for spectators and non-competitors, and there will be vendors on site, and I would imagine the opportunity for product demonstrations.  if you’re interested in the sport of stand-up paddling, or are just a water sport loving person – you should stop by and check out the event.  the event is being held at the Maple Beach area at Kensington (link to .pdf map), which is on the west side of the lake.

one of the events main sponsors is Detroit Surf Co, who makes a pretty sweet looking SUP board, all locally crafted in Michigan.  not sure if they’ll have any of the limited supply of these new SUP boards, but I would hope so.


visiting Detroit’s Eastern Market

last weekend my folks were in town, and we got up early on Saturday for a trip to visit the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit.

At the heart of Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891. Every Saturday it is transformed into a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of open-air stalls where everyone from toddlers to tycoons enjoy the strong conviviality served up along with great selections of fruits, veggies, fresh-cut flowers, homemade jams, maple syrups, locally produced specialty food products, pasture and/or grass-fed meat and even an occasional goose or rabbit.

we all had never been there before, so we were pretty excited to check it out.  both my older boys had soccer games that afternoon, so we got down there early and found a very close parking space and started walking around.

the public market hours on Saturday start at 5:00am, and while we weren’t THAT early, I do think getting there early was a great idea, as by about 10:30am or so, you could tell it was already getting much busier.  I’m sure the afternoon brings other opportunities as well, though, as there was a place that had an outdoor barbecue that I’m sure was grilling up some great food later that afternoon.

there are several shelters or “sheds”, some with walls and some just a roof overhead, and you can just wander around soaking it all in.  many of the more experienced Eastern Market shoppers brought re-usable grocery bags and some even were pulling wagons to load up with whatever they found shopping that day.  my boys loved walking around and seeing all the market had to offer – they particularly enjoyed the warm donuts and fresh apple cider!

I snapped this picture of them posing by a giant apple – there were several of them strewn through the sheds, each decorated slightly differently, maybe with a unique theme?  this apple was highlighting one of Michigan’s greatest resources – the Great Lakes – with a lighthouse, the Mackinaw Bridge, a freighter, and a sailboat, too (on the side of the apple)!

there were several vendors selling locally grown produce from Michigan farmers (as well as the occasional vendor selling produce that looks like it was direct from a wholesale place or major grocery chain… I’m pretty sure the fresh pineapple we saw wasn’t grown locally!).  but plenty of fresh vegetables to be had.

you could tell that fall is in the air here in Michigan, as there were pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, gourds, and Indian corn at several of the vendors.

and there were gorgeous rows and rows of hardy mums, with a WIDE variance in price – these ones were really cheap, 4 pots for $5 maybe!

even though we didn’t stay down there too long, we had a great time at the Eastern Market, and we’re certainly going to have to plan for more time down there next time to explore the surrounding shops as well.



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