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today’s tunes: tunes for the Tillerman

tunes for the Tillerman?

or maybe tea for the Tillerman instead?

sunfish hiking straps

here are 2 videos that I just recently saw posted at the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group about modifications to make your hiking strap have some ability to adjust the tension on the hiking strap while sailing.

in this first video, Dayton Colie goes into a little detail on how David Loring, the 3-time Sunfish Worlds champion, customizes his hiking strap to give him to capability to adjust the tension on the hiking strap while in the middle of racing out on the water.  it does involve making a custom attachment using webbing material and some grommets.

Dayton Colie and David Loring collaborated to make a pretty sweet DVD called “Back to Basics for Sunfish World Championship Speed” – it’s available from most Sunfish dealers, including Intensity Sails.  the video could stand to be updated for HD, but it is still a great video, with rigging tips as well as tips for while out on the water.

in the second video, Eduardo Cordero and Paul-Jon Patin display some what their sailing coaching school, Starboard Passage, has to offer.  the hiking strap customization is at about 0:55 with more comments throughout the video about it.

there are also a ton of pictures on Sunfish rigging at Starboard Passage.

maggie sings

a while back, I posted a helmet cam video from a Sunfish race that was put together by dayton colie. he also has this great video he released where he is sailing in a race with his young daughter, maggie.

I think the video is fantastic – it shows a great relationship between father and daughter as they enjoy a nice day sailing the Sunfish, singing silly songs with made-up words to each other. dayton tries to work in a little sailing instruction as well, to plant the seeds for a future Sunfish sailor, I would imagine.  and what better way for a child to learn to sail than to spend that time with a parent?  it inspires me to make sure I get my boys out on the water with me as much as I can in the coming years, especially while they are still young and thrilled by more than anything to just spend time with their dad.

this is how dayton describes it himself:

During the last downwind leg we start singing, and I’m reminded of how fun sailing is when you take it a notch down from being ultra competitive. Making sure she’s having a good time is priority number one – because she’s six, and the fun is what makes people fall in love with sailing.

let me know what you think.

sunfish race helmet cam video

from, check out this pretty sweet helmet-cam video from the 2009 Sunfish North Americans.  it’s about 10 minutes long, so sit back and enjoy.  it’ll give you a pretty good idea of how things progress out on the water during a race.

I think all of the background music during the video is also done by Dayton Colie (from  you can find more information at, or at his myspace page, – he has his own CD, “Orange Tetrahedron”, with all of the music related to sailing… in his words:

I wanted to make an album that encompassed
things that I love about sailing.  The vocabulary
will probably elude non sailors, and that’s o.k.,
because this album is made for those that sail
and love sailing.   This is modern sailing music,
an entire album of it, made by a sailor for other
sailors.  It’s been field tested by sail makers,
world champion sailors, the readers of Sailing
Anarchy, and cruisers.

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