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a friend from the Reef Warriors blog contacted me to see if I knew anything about this sailboat:


apparently, they have one that has been more or less abandoned near where they sail, and he’s wondering if any one can help figure out more details about it – and maybe where to find some spare parts.

the sailboat is an Invitation class, which with a bit of googling turned up some of the following results:

my guess is parts would be hard to find.  is it similar enough to a Laser? Maybe parts could be sort of interchangeable – and Laser parts would be MUCH easier to find.

anyone else have any comments or tips? I’m not sure how you could find parts, other than maybe getting lucky on ebay or craigslist.


a fistful of ‘Fishes

just recently saw a Craigslist post selling 5 used (and slightly abused?) Sunfish in New Jersey.  the ad says they are from a fleet, and should have some (or all?) of the required rigging.

jersey sunfish

looks like they have been tossed around somewhat – the splashguard/coaming seems to have fallen off the 2nd from the left Sunfish.  $250 each is what they’re looking for…


peanut sailboat

I saw this neat little sailboat for sale on Craigslist the other day.

peanut sailboat

here is a bit more history on the Peanut sailboat.

1956 wooden Sunfish [for sale]

this is NOT my boat or my Craigslist posting, but I thought I’d pass it along, as the old wooden Sunfish are getting to be fairly rare, especially ones that are in good shape.

1956 wood fish

this one was restored in 1992 (per the CL post).  the mahogany deck looks amazing.

1956 wood fish deck

his price of $1500 firm is more than I’d pay for a 55+ year old boat, but if you are want one for sentimental reasons, I suppose it might be worth it.


sunfish cabin cruiser

I saw this South Jersey craigslist ad posted on the Sunfish Forum.

14′ Hand crafted replica of a Cabin Cruiser …..

Great Advertising piece for a Nautical themed business, Seafood Restaurant, Marina, Boat business, Ale House, Bar, Lounge etc.

Parade float ? GIANT scale R/C Radio Controlled Toy ? Garden Art ? Yard Decoration ?

Just needs finishing touches and stain OR paint OR varnish ….

Built on a REAL SUNFISH sailboat hull and made to seat 2 adults in the cabin ….

Limited Only by Your IMAGINATION !!!!!

$750.00 With FREE local delivery

apparently, the old fiberglass hull of a Sunfish wasn’t a good enough design – nothing a little plywood and creativity can’t improve upon.

complete with cute little windows and an operating door.

no more rudder mount.  no engine mount either – I’m not sure how this thing will move across the water.  did he install oar-locks if you wanted to row around the lake in this bad boy?  I don’t see any installed.

luckily it has a roof that pops open for easy access.  this is a serious party boat.

custom RSS feed for craigslist searching

okay, so maybe this is old news, but I just figured out how to do it a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it so far. I use Google Reader, but any RSS feed reader will do the trick. I set up a custom search at craigslist, and then use an RSS feed to just send the new listings to my RSS reader – so for that specific search parameter, I will never have to visit multiple craigslist sites to check for recent additions… the custom RSS feed will now do all the work for me.

how to do this: first, go to your local craigslist, and select “boats”. Then, at the search line, I just entered the word “sail” – I figure if I was too specific with “Sunfish”, I might miss some of the times people list a Sunfish or Sunfish clone, and don’t realize what they have (I’ve seen it several times). so I’ll get a lot of extra listings that way, but it’s pretty easy to browse through the listings in the RSS reader program. after you’ve entered the search term of choice, and clicked “search”, scroll to the way bottom of the results, and there at the bottom right corner is the little RSS feed symbol, similar to the image shown below, or it could be just an orange “RSS” icon:

clicking on this button will give you the option to add the new custom search as a RSS feed to your RSS reader of choice.  so this will then set up a custom search that will continue to automatically update you with future craigslist postings under your custom search terms. I then set up a similar custom search for several of the local communities as well – so in about 15 minutes of setting these up, I will now get updated listings the entire state of Michigan, without having to visit each local craigslist, and browsing the listings on that site every few days to find new postings.

I’m not even specifically in the market, but after seeing a post at the Sunfish Forum about a free Sunfish in Chicago the other day, I figured it might be nice to keep tabs on listings, and maybe if I’m paying attention, I can get a good deal on a Sunfish in better condition than I currently have, or maybe just a good deals on parts to whittle down my parts list!

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