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step out of the ordinary

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sailing is awesome! [video]

this was making the rounds a few days ago, but if you haven’t already seen it – it is well worth watching. load it up in full screen mode, and watch the sweet on the water footage in nice crisp HD video.

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the waterlust project

this is a sweet video project shot entirely using GoPro Hero 2 video cameras: the project is mean to “explore our relationships with water.”

there is some sweet shots of various on-the-water activities: sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, kite surfing, moth sailing (there is a sweet scene at about 4:40 in the video of a moth sailor “running on the water” along the side of his sailboat), wind surfing, and various other water sports.

[you’ll have to click through to Youtube to watch the video.]

for more information, check out the project website:


AC45: flying on water

this is a pretty sweet video showcasing the AC45, the smaller version of the wing-sailed catamarans that are being raced in various events (the AC World Series) that will all culminate in the next America’s Cup race with the much larger AC90’s.

I found it here.

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