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today’s tunes: the system only dreams in total darkness

the 1st single off the upcoming new album from The National.

am I excited? yep, maybe just a smidge.

the new album will be released September 8, 2017 and is titled “Sleep Well Beast”. you can pre-order the album here.

  • Nobody Else Will Be There
  • Day I Die
  • Walk It Back
  • The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
  • Born to Beg
  • Turtleneck
  • Empire Line
  • I’ll Still Destroy You
  • Guilty Party
  • Carin at the Liquor Store
  • Dark Side of the Gym
  • Sleep Well Beast

today’s tunes: luck of the Irish?

well this was a slightly misleading title for the blog post, but timed well with St. Patrick’s Day.

today’s tunes is from the band The Gloaming, an incredible piece called “The Pilgrim’s Song” from their 2nd album.

the band has just a great overall sound, a nice mixture of classical and folk music, with fantastic violin/fiddle strung throughout all of their songs.

here are the English translation of the lyrics:

The land spoke like a temple
The Rivers journey was winding
to their knees the valleys genuflected
the sign of he cross on the branches

I heard the gospel on the wind
and holiness was upon the earth
This was where my first love lived
I’d not been this way for so long

I saw life like a tale from the Fianna
Long ago when it was morning
The way a magic wand takes the sword’s shape
In the hands of children

There is a vision, that I know well
Simmering in the womb of my imagination
A bright flame without substance, a breath,
Pleading for an appropriate shape.

more information on the song and the studio album can be found here via their label, Brassland.

I’ve posted one song previously by The Gloaming: “the sailor’s bonnet”

“the sailor’s bonnet” by The Gloaming

this is a beautiful instrumental song by an Irish folk band called The Gloaming. the song is titled “The Sailor’s Bonnet” and this version was filmed at Christchurch in Cork, Ireland, in December of 2012.

The Gloaming are on the awesome label Brassland.


today’s tunes: clogs “last song”

today’s tunes is a great song by Clogs.  Clogs is a side project of several members of my favorite band The National.  most of their work is strictly instrumental, sort of a blend of classical music with indie influences – but this particular song has lyrics and singing from Matt Berninger, lead singer for the National.

If this was our last time,
what would we do,
what would we say then?

clogs – lantern [video]

Clogs is a (mostly) instrumental group, playing what could be loosely described as contemporary chamber music.  the band has strong ties to the excellent rock band The National. the band is made up of 4 classically trained artists, and they worked together on Lantern and put together an amazing 4th album (released in 2006). I found this great write-up on how they work together to create songs from their label’s web page for the band:

Clogs’ “classical” music is the result of a peculiar writing process more akin to a rock band or a jazz quartet. The members come to rehearsals with basic ideas that the group riffs on and develops in jam sessions and live performance. Newsome later arranges these ideas into elegant and complex musical narratives that meld and extend the ideas of minimalist, modernist, and romantic composers, adding sounds and melodies drawn from the folk music of India, the Jewish Diaspora, and everywhere else.

Clogs is another one of the amazing bands that I have found through WOXY’s Lounge Acts – Clogs performed live in studio at WOXY back in 2006.  the following fantastic music video was put together by Vincent Moon (staff photographer for the band’s label, Brassland) for the song “Lantern”, the title song from the album.

“Lantern” is one of the few songs by Clogs that has words, and this case they are used sparingly, sung in a haunting voice that adds some amazing depth to the song:

Light me a lantern
In your lighthouse, my keeper
Me a lantern
Me a lantern

after you’ve checked out the video, maybe swing over to Tillerman’s Proper Course for an alternate view on clogs, and how they are related to boating.

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