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building & sailing a Super Sunfish

Nico posted this video on the Sunfish Forum – his father built the wooden Super Sailfish in their garage, and they sailed it on the Knysna lagoon in South Africa (beautiful waters!).

red fish, blue fish, Sunfish, Moonfish

saw this beautiful wooden sailboat posted on Wooden Boat Magazine’s Instagram the other day.

Looking at Michael Shenker’s new boat, you may think you’re seeing a ubiquitous Alcort Sunfish, but this boat is a Moonfish 14 designed by Jacques Mertens-Gooddens ( and built by Michael over the winter of 2018-19. The marine plywood hull is sheathed in fiberglass set in epoxy. Michael sails on the lakes near his new jersey home.

a little googling found a little more information about this wooden boat:

and the inspiration for the blog post title is of course from Dr. Seuss!

sinew and yellow cedar [video]

In an age where everything is pre-made and constructed with plastic, we sometimes forget the importance of working with our hands. There is comfort at the end of the day when you get to hold something you created.

very nice video of a skin-on-frame boat builder in British Columbia.

HT: @boatbuilding

great lakes boat building school

the Great Lakes Boat Building School is a traditional boat building school in Michigan that teaches:

woodworking, basic design, traditional and modern boat building, and yacht joinery

the school is located right on the waters of the Great Lakes, at the Les Cheneaux Islands of the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I would love to take a summer class here, or take a year or two off to do the full program: it is a combination of things I really enjoy – woodworking, building, and boating/sailing.


shaped on all six sides [video]

this is an amazing short documentary to showcase the art of wooden boat carpentry, as displayed at Emerald Marine, in Anacortes, Washington.

sailing is a state of blissful awareness, punctuated by sheer terror

HT: Mike Taylor (@DIY_Wood_Boat)

building Lasers: a labor of love

this is an amazing video that shows the step-by-step process that goes into making a Laser sailboat at the Laser Performance factory in Long Buckby, UK.  there is a lot of hand work, with not much automation — it is an incredible process.

HT: @LaserPerform

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