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my2fish blog’s 6th birthday 

today is the 6th birthday of the my2fish blog about sunfish sailing! a lot changes over a 6-yr period. yet strangely here I am again with a 1-year old son, same as 6 years ago. but now there are three older boys. 

somehow I’m up to 4 sailboats now: my original 1960’s Super Porpoise, a 1960’s Sunfish, a 2000 Sunfish, and now a 1970’s Minifish for my 2 older boys to sail. I guess the “2” part of my2fish doesn’t exactly apply anymore, but I think I’ll just keep the name as it is. 

life is busy as always, one thing after another, but I try to get a few days of sailing in each year. this past week has been a vacation at a small lake, and we’ve been able to sail on 3 days so far. 

here’s to the new year!

my2fish blog’s 5th birthday

five years.  can you believe it?  sometimes I hardly can.

the my2fish blog about Sunfish sailing turns 5 years old on July 17th.

high fives all around.


my2fish blog 4th birthday

hard to believe another year has already passed, but today is the 4th birthday (anniversary?) of the my2fish blog about Sunfish sailing.

4thanks again to all of you who follow along and pretend to read my posts, and thanks to those of you brave enough to make a comment or two.  I’ve had fun blogging, sailing, and blogging about sailing, and hope to keep doing it for the near future!



my2fish blog’s 3rd birthday

today marks the 3rd birthday of this blog.  I think that makes me 21 in dog years, so I can legally drink now. and there was much rejoicing.

thanks again for visiting, reading, and commenting.  it’s been a fun 3 years, and I hope to continue going forward.



my2fish blog’s 2nd birthday

yesterday (july 17th) was the 2nd birthday for this blog.  it’s hard to believe that 2 years have gone by since I started writing here, and while some things are more or less the same, a lot has changed as well.

I recently bought a new(er) Sunfish, so technically for the moment, I could be called my3fish.  but I think over the next few months, I have to decide if it makes sense to get rid of either my older Sunfish or my Super Porpoise (which hasn’t been sailed in several years anyway)…. that would bring me back to my2fish.

the blog traffic has increased quite a bit in year 2 – after 1 year, I was at about 20,000 pageviews, and now after 2 years, I am sitting right about 60,000 pageviews – so year 2 was about twice the traffic as year 1.  I’m sure part of that was from webcrawlers like The Google and the plethora of spammers that try to link to various things with their comments (who would have ever thought an blog post about dead carp would warrant comments about cheap E.D. pills?), but still pretty exciting to see the increase in traffic.

I still don’t sail quite as frequently as I’d like, but I did get a few GREAT sailing adventures in last year, and are hoping for similar trips this year, too.

thanks for stopping by, and reading my posts, and putting up with the random non-sailing oddities.  for future planning, I’ve got quite a bit on my “to-post” list, so it’s only a matter of time.

thanks again for 2 great years,


my2fish blog 1st birthday

today (july 17th) is the 1-year birthday of the blog “my2fish”!

sometime during last spring/early summer, I had been trying to figure out a way to keep track of the days that I went sailing, as well as to keep track of the repairs that I had planned, and the repairs that I figured would be coming as I spent more time investigating my 40+ year old sailboats – the Sunfish and the Super Porpoise.  as I toyed with the best way to keep a “log” of those kind of things, I decided to try my hand at writing a blog.  a few family members and friends had already been blogging before me (Hooray & Wrinkled Page – check them out), and I had been reading blogs for some time, but this would be my 1st attempt at it myself.

so 1 year ago it was a late Friday night, I had put my 3 boys to bed for the night, and my wife was at a Kid Rock concert with some friends from work!  I briefly looked at Blogger and WordPress, decided to give WordPress a try – and then just jumped right into it, and blogged my 1st post.

t2 & me sailing in towards shore

after 1 year, my2fish is closing in on 20,000 page views (should be there in 2 or 3 days).  the first few months were slower, averaging about 1,000 page views a month, but this spring and now summer have brought a big upswing in blog traffic, with each month breaking the previous month’s record – with June posting about 4,500 page views for the month. (note: WordPress stats are based on page views… I later on set up Sitemeter, which I think tells me I average just about 1.5 page views per visitor.)  I find it is getting easier to find things to write about as well – I’m a bit behind as it is right now, as I currently have a to-do list of 20 posts that need to be written (some boat repairs, some sailing and camping trips, and some reviews of Sunfish parts suppliers).

I’ve spent a lot of time reading forums, blogs and books – trying to find tips about learning to sail.  my goal was to absorb as much information as I could, to do my best to get the means and methods down pat in my mind, as well as pass along good information when I find it.  I think my post “learn to sail in 3 days” has probably been my busiest post ever with about 1,500 page views.

last fall, I went and watched my first ever Sunfish race – it was a fantastic time, and I was able to get some great pictures.

I’ve followed with great interest the Sunfish Worlds events, both in 2009 and 2010.

I just recently joined the Sunfish Class – and have my own sail number now (it’s #80872).

I haven’t sailed quite as frequently as I’d like, but I have had a couple really great sailing trips, including the sail with my son, T2, on Lake Michigan (see the picture above). and I know that as my 3 young boys get older, I’ll get to spend more time sailing with each of them.

I’ve met some great friends with sailing or water-related blogs – stop by some of the blogs in my blogroll over at the right side, as most of them are much more interesting than mine! overall, it’s been a great 1st year, and I’m looking forward to many more to come!

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