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Michigan Sailing Club Dan Rice Regatta (May 27th, 2018)

this coming Sunday, May 27th, the Michigan Sailing Club (part of the University of Michigan) is hosting their annual Dan Rice Regatta (NOR).

2017 Dan Rice Regatta (pic via Michigan Sailing Club)

The Regatta is open to all sailors and ALL Classes of sail boats up to 21′ with a US Sailing Portsmouth number. Only Members of the Michigan Sailing Club (MSC) may sail club owned boats.

The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, the rules of each participating class and the Sailing Instructions.

We will allow co-skippering.

There is no fee for this regatta; it’s free!
We will collect an optional fee ($5/person) at the skippers meeting for lunch.
Feel free to bring your own food and drinks if you prefer.

Club members may reserve a boat in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be a waiting list if all boats are reserved.

The regatta will be held at the club’s property on Baseline Lake, at 8010 Strawberry Lake Road in Dexter, Michigan.

last year’s Dan Rice Regatta summary can be found here.

sounds like a nice event if you’re in the Detroit metro area and haven’t gotten your sailboat out on the water yet this spring!


et ego in Arcadia: Sunfish sailing

it was a traditional family vacation at Camp Arcadia, filled with good food, plenty of relaxing & some book reading, and wonderful time spent with family and friends (some old and some new). a lot of time spent down on the beach, playing in the sun and sand, doing some swimming, jumping waves on the wavey days and playing with kayaks and stand-up paddleboards on the calmer days.

there ended up being 2 good sailing days (for me anyway, my oldest son sailed on a 3rd day, but it was pretty light winds and he mainly just drifted around in circles for a while).

day 1: Sunday afternoon

after walking to the local Lutheran church in the little town of Arcadia, we headed back to Camp and ate the buffet lunch.  the weather seemed promising and Sunday afternoon’s schedule at Camp was fairly light, so most of us headed down to the beach, and T2 and I both got the boats ready for sailing (with some help dragging them up and over the small sand dunes and beach grass).  after setting up T2 with the Minifish, he was off and sailing.

IMG_8551 - Copy

I rigged the sail and misc parts on the Sunfish and my 3rd son, Luke, joined me for the 1st sail. he begged to take the mainsheet and tiller as soon as he could!  north bluffs are off in the distance behind him.

IMG_8546 - Copy

after a while of sailing with Luke, I headed back into shore – dropping off Luke and picking up his cousin, Sam.

IMG_8547 - Copy

later on, I gave a ride on the Sunfish to my sister-in-law, but didn’t get any pictures.

afterwards, I got to solo sail on the Sunfish for a while, so I’d chase T2 on the Minifish for a while, or just spend some time tacking and working on getting as much speed going as I could.  the winds were pretty excellent, with wind speeds in the low teens, maybe 12-15 miles per hour, with gusts into the high teens.  not strong enough to tip me over, but good enough to catch a good puff and get the Sunfish up on a plane, every once in a while perfectly timed to catch the crest of a wave and “surf” the Sunfish for a short while.

in my excitement to get down to the water and out sailing, I forgot to bring my GoPro camera, but did have my iPhone in a dry bag – so I was able to snap the pictures above and a few real quick videos, but that’s all.  I did turn on my Runkeeper app on the phone to track my route for one of the times out that afternoon.

sunday sail

the next couple days were dead flat calm water – perfect for playing with other water toys (kayaks, SUP’s, etc.) but not good for Sunfish sailing.  Wednesday is “day out of camp” day – we went on a canoe trip… and that is a whole different story for another day.

day 2: Thursday evening sail

so the wind finally picked up some on Thursday and the waves were perfect for playing in the water, so the usual afternoon crowds at the beach were even larger.  due to the lack of beach area (Lake Michigan is up approximately 4 feet!), I didn’t want to try to launch and return to the beach with that many kids swimming and jumping in the waves. fearing that the week of vacation was coming to an end with no more sailing, I decided to go for an evening sail, when far fewer people would be swimming and lounging at the beach.  as luck would have it, this time I remembered the GoPro, but left my iPhone up in our room.  here’s a screen cap: me on the Sunfish and T2 way off in the distance on the Minifish.

sunfish gopro snapit was a beautiful evening for sailing – the sun was slowly setting amidst the clouds out on the horizon and T2 and I had all of Lake Michigan to ourselves – not another boat in sight.  my sister-in-law snapped this amazing photo of us and the sunset from her vantage point up on the Camp patio.


Friday ended up being a decent day for wind, but straight out of the west pushing big waves up onto the beach.  on an empty beach, launching could be done setting off immediately on a 45-degree angle to the wind, but with again so many kids playing in the big waves that day, we didn’t try to sail.

still 2 great days on the water was better than none, and it was a blast!

swim & paddle with HRWC

the next 2 weekends offer some chances to get together with the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) for some local activities (details here).

this Sunday, July 17th, is “Swim Baseline Lake” (hosted at the Michigan Sailing Club).  this is a community swim from the river channel through Baseline Lake, approximately 1 mile of swimming.  advance payment & registration is required.

also on Sunday, July 17th, there will be a “Paddle Instruction” on the Huron River, hosted by REI, from 10am to noon.  more information is also at REI’s website.

REI will provide a recreational and family oriented paddle instruction at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor. You can enjoy learning to paddle in a kayak or a canoe provided free of charge by the Gallup Park Livery. Free, all the basic strokes (forward, reverse, sweep, draws, stopping and braces) are covered.

the following weekend, Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday, July 24th, there is an “Overnight Paddle“.  this event is also free, but advanced registration is required.

Meet at Island Lake State Recreation Area at 2 p.m. on Saturday just below Kent Lake Dam to leave boats and gear. We will then caravan to the take out point at Huron Meadows Metropark and leave cars. Our shuttle will bring paddlers back to put-in.  Camping that evening at Island Lake State Recreation Area Canoe Camp. Continue on the next day to takeout at Huron Meadows Metropark.

jy15 midwest district championship

the University of Michigan Sailing Club (UMSC) is hosting the JY15 Midwest District Championship this weekend, April 24th & 25th, 2010, on Baseline Lake, just northwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  the official notice of race can be found here (.pdf file).  the district race is being combined with the sailing club’s annual “Spring Fling Regatta”.

Baseline Lake is about 250 acres, part of the Huron River lake chain, and is basically a private lake, as there are no public access ramps (more info here). the UMSC, now in it’s 72nd year, is a student organization but open to the public as well. the club has a fleet of 10 JY-15 sailboats (2-person) and 6 Laser sailboats (1-person) as well as several various other sailing & watercraft options (Vanguard 15, Hobie 16, Hobie Wave, sailboards, canoes, kayaks, etc.). here is a quote from the UMSC website:

We offer a unique and affordable opportunity to learn and practice the art of sailing. We were originally founded in 1938 to provide sailing facilities for a small group of naval architecture students; our primary mission now is to develop our members’ skills in all aspects of sailing.

Baseline Lake is also home to the University of Michigan Sailing Team (a club sport).  here is a map showing the location of Baseline Lake in relation to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I’m not a UMSC member and have never sailed a JY-15, but since the race is going to be held only about 45 minutes or so away, I’ve been contemplating stopping by to see the racing, as well as the facilities at UMSC.  I’m a little disappointed to hear that Baseline Lake doesn’t have any public access ramps, though, as I would’ve liked to take my Sunfish for a spin there sometime.  I’m hoping to find a public beach or something similar, though, where I might be able to just carry the Sunfish down to the lake, or maybe use a beach dolly, once I get around to building one.

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