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60th Sunfish celebration & sailing dogs

a few weeks back, there was a celebration for the 60th anniversary of the Sunfish.  Laser Performance, the current manufacturer of the Sunfish posted this photo today from that event, with several sailors taking their dogs along for the ride:

sunfish60dogsI sure hope my new sailing partner learns to love sailing with me!


HT: @LaserPerform

sunfish at sixty has a great article by Bruce Burdett posted right now about the Sunfish sailboat and it’s manufacturer in Portsmouth, Rhode Island: Sunfish at sixty: Most popular boat ever still keeps them busy at Portsmouth plant

The little Sunfish, far and away the most popular sailboat ever built, just turned 60 and they’re still churning them out at the rate of four a day at LaserPerformance in Portsmouth.


HT: @LaserPerform

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