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today’s tunes: off the ground by the record company

this song is groovy.

Things are lookin clear as they’ve ever been
Don’t know how it’ll end but I know where to begin

how to dock & launch – like a boss

these are pretty clever little videos created to raise awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol while boating and to promote safe operating practices.

Launching is an art form best practiced sober.

Docking is an art form best practiced sober.

clear head:smooth sailing

found via @gcaptain here.

I just let the boat do the work

sometimes life gets too busy and I have to remind myself:

I sail


Sunfish sailing at the Dunedin Marina

saw this gorgeous photo of some Sunfish at Dunedin Marina in Florida on Instagram the other day: makes me want to schedule a vacation to Dunedin sometime soon!

Sunfish sailing at the Dunedin Marina #sunfish #sunfishsailboat #sunfishsailing #sailing #sail #trailersailor #sailingdinghy

A photo posted by Dominic Romer (@dustybootsphotography) on

for additional (fantastic!) photography – including Sunfish/sailing/coastal pics and a variety of others, check out Dominic Romer’s website: Dusty Boots Photography.

eat sleep sail

if only it was this simple?


it ain’t no spring chicken

it has been a busy spring and early summer, but alas no sailing (yet).  we’ve moved into the new house (not totally unpacked and settled yet), and the old house has sold, pending the usual inspection/appraisal/closing stuff.  moving out into the country has given us an opportunity to see a lot more wildlife up close and personal – this guy came strolling up the driveway yesterday afternoon.  might just make for a nice Thanksgiving dinner in a few months!


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