We are Team New Zealand

despite being impressed by the tenacity of Oracle Team USA, and being excited for their historic comeback in the America’s Cup, I have to admit I feel a bit of sadness for the people of New Zealand – to be so close to winning the Cup, and have it slip away out of their grasp.

it’s amazing to see how much the entire country gets behind and supports their team in the America’s Cup – especially when the vast majority of American people didn’t even know there was a competition taking place.

here is a great article – an open letter to Emirates Team New Zealand – from Sandysviews.

We don’t know about any of that stuff. We know bugger all about sailing. I don’t mean that lot by the sea up North with their flash boats sitting around the yacht club yelling at the television in some nautical language we don’t speak, they know about sailing. I mean us. The rest of us out in New Zealand.

We are getting up every morning to watch you and the boys taking on the Billionaire at a sport none of us know about. We want you to win it for us. You’ve got Team New Zealand written on the boat. That’s our boat. We are Team New Zealand.

HT: @Destopnews and @mattripkey

~Kia kaha Aotearoa~


4 Responses to “We are Team New Zealand”

  1. 1 Ol' Philosophizer September 26, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Reblogged this on "Hey!" … "What?" … "What Did You Say?" and commented:
    Elizabeth R and I just returned from two delightful weeks in the UK (much more on that much later), most of which was spent in the B&B of two transplanted Kiwis. So, even though we are kayakers and not sailors, we were swept up in the drama as mighty America chipped away at the lead resolute New Zealand had built in the early stages of the America’s Cup. This was definitely one of those times when loyalty and heart were in different places. Thad Greiner expresses beautifully the fact that if you look past the final results, you can see that there was more than one winner here. Enjoy!


  2. 3 Tillerman (@ProperCourse) September 27, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Don’t feed me all that small nation against rich billionaire crap. EmiratesTNZ were financed by the billionaires of the Dubai royal family (through their front organization the Emirates airline company.)


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