today’s tunes: demons (Guster vs The National)

for today’s tunes, you get a twofer Tuesday, as I present two songs – both titled “demons”.

the 1st version is from the band Guster, off their 2nd album Goldfly (1997).  Guster has long been a favorite of my wife and I – I think we’ve seen them live multiple times now.

Honest is easy
Fiction is where genius lies
Cause it’s easier sometimes
Not to be involved
Somehow I make you believe


the 2nd version is from the band The National, off their brand new album Trouble Will Find Me (2013, just released this week).  I LOVE this band – and have everyone of their albums, plus a smattering of live stuff as well.

The worried talk to god goes on.
I sincerely tried to love it,
Wish that I could rise above it.

But I stay down,
With my demons.

what do you think?  vote in the poll below on which version you prefer:


2 Responses to “today’s tunes: demons (Guster vs The National)”

  1. 1 Ol' Philosophizer May 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Being a lot older than most fans of either group, I decided to reach out to my two thirty-something sons for their opinions. This is definitely a subject matter that interested them, because in seconds I heard this from the oldest:
    “Guster’s version would be on my list of Top 10-20 songs ever”

    Then, almost instantly I heard this from the youngest:
    “The National’s one of my favorite bands, saw them in the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago.”

    So, as I’ve done for over thirty years, in order to keep peace in the family I will say that I like both bands, and will keep my vote secret.

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