an interview with my2fish

earlier this week, I did an interview by email for Shoreline Sailboats, which they’ve now posted on their website: interview with my2fish

it’s a nice summary of how I was introduced to sailing, how my passion for Sunfish sailing has developed, and why I started blogging about it here. most of the information can be found on this blog if you want to dig down through the archives, but the interview pulls a lot of information into one place.

Shoreline Sailboats is an authorized Laser Performance dealer in Lake Ontario and Finger Lakes region of western New York, selling Sunfish, Lasers, Optimists and various other sailboats manufactured by Laser Performance. 

Shoreline Sailboats began as an idea in late 2012. My brother and I had noticed a decline in sailing in our area that started in the 1990s…

…we both agree that the Sunfish was the one boat that gave us access to the water on almost any day of the year. Our family’s Sunfish was one of the most forgiving and thrilling sailboats we have experienced….

So, our new business begins out of the nostalgia of youthful days on the water, and a desire to bring families back to sailing. What better way than by offering used and new Sunfish and a line of LaserPerformance sailboats to sailors young and old.

Shoreline has a nice “blog” section of their website to check out as well.


2 Responses to “an interview with my2fish”

  1. 1 Baydog May 17, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Great job, Thad! You’re a true representative for the Sunfish class, sailing, and Michigan.

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