50th Sunfish North Americans results

this past week and weekend, the 50th Sunfish North Americans were held on Lake Michigan.  the event was hosted by the Lake Bluff Yacht Club.  additional information can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

eight youth/junior racers participated in the Youth North Americans, with Stewart Draheim taking 1st place with 6 bullets and a 2nd place (that was thrown out as his lowest score) to finish with 6 points.  the final results can be found here.  here is a great photo album with tons of pictures from the Youth racing.



the Open North Americans followed the Youth sailing, and after light air on the 1st day with only 2 races, the wind picked up, and the sailors completed nine total races in the 3 days of sailing.  David Mendelblatt finished in first place with 21 points, followed by Greg Gust with 31 points, and Tom Whitehurst in 3rd place with 51 points.  the full regatta results can be found here.

Chris Williams has a good report on the event over at the Sunfish Forum.  he notes that by the 2nd and 3rd days, the wind had picked up and was gusty, with lots of wave/chop action to fight with out on the water.  here is a wind report from Wind Alert and iwindsurf.com showing the gusts (I assume they were off the water before the big storms swept across Chicago and northern Indiana that evening).


3 Responses to “50th Sunfish North Americans results”

  1. 1 Tillerman August 6, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    A lot of names I know on that list from my former life as a Sunfish sailor. Note the 34th and 35th finishers are father and son. And Dad won their duel by only 3 points in a 9 race regatta! What fun that must have been and what memories will have been created for both of them.

    By the way, both those sailors have been mentioned (although not named) in posts on my blog, as have at least three other sailors at the regatta. Although I defy you to find the posts I’m thinking about!

    I still treasure the memories of the 1995 Sunfish North Americans which I sailed with both my sons. Happy days!

    • 2 Baydog August 7, 2012 at 10:57 pm

      Okay, so I started digging through some of your older sunfish posts and came across my former hotshot skipper again standing in front of his #6 Sunfish, shirt off, looking like he did 30 some odd years ago. Like a time capsule.

  2. 3 my2fish August 6, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Tillerman, neat to see you know some of the regulars. I’ve met a couple of them, but I’ve never raced with them. I know many of the names from looking at past years results for various regional/national/worlds regattas. and I’m pretty sure I’d never find those posts you hint at.

    the father/son racing as you mentioned would be great. I’m not sure I’d ever convince my father to sail often with me (although I have gotten him out on my Sunfish one time), I look forward to many more times sailing with my sons as they grow older.

    maybe by then, I’ll have branched out into the racing circuit.

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