august 2012 sunfish midwest schedule

there are a bunch of upcoming Sunfish races in the Midwest Region during the month of August.  the entire month of August is going to be busy for Sunfish racers, as several weekends have multiple events at different locations.

Tuesday, July 31st to Saturday, August 5th – 50th Sunfish North Americans

this is the 50th Sunfish North Americans, being held on Lake Michigan by Lake Bluff Yacht Club. additional information can be found at the Facebook event page.

youth racing starts tomorrow, with the adult/open racing on Thursday through Saturday.

Sunday, August 5th – Just For Fun #4 (Open)

the Hueston Sailing Association (map to lake here) already hosted Just for Fun #1 (May), Just for Fun #2 (June), and Just for Fun #3 (July).  this is their 4th race in the Just for Fun series.  once again:

Racing 1:30pm to 4:00pm – no fees, no trophies, just fun!

Saturday, Aug 11th to Sunday, Aug 12th – Midwest Regional Championship #1

the 1st regional championship for the Midwest Region will be held at Gull Lake, near Richland, Michigan, and is being hosted by the Gull Lake Sunfish Fleet (GLSF) and the Gull Lake Yacht Club (GLYC).  Friday night begins with registration, with racing to begin on Saturday morning and continue on Sunday.

Sunday, August 12th – Fun Sunfish Regatta (Open)

this is the same day as the Midwest Regional #1 above, but will be down in Ohio.  this race will be held at Kiser Lake State Park in Ohio (map of state park here, .pdf file) and is hosted by the Kiser Lake Sailing Club.  the lake is popular for sailing as motorboats are not allowed on the lake.

Saturday, August 18th – Scowfish Regatta (Open)

this is a regatta for both Sunfish and MC Scow sailboats.  it will be the 7th annual regatta for the MC Scows, and the 11th annual regatta for the Sunfish.  the event is being held at Portage Lake Yacht Club in Pinkney, Michigan. more information can be found here.

Saturday, August 18th – Douglas Lake Regatta (Open)

on the same day as the Scowfish Regatta in southeast Michigan, this regatta is put together by the Douglas Lake Sunfish Fleet 700, and the event will be held on Douglas Lake in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula (Google map).

Beautiful, large inland lake.  Good sized racing fleet.  Lots of room for launching and recovery.

Sunday, August 19th – Lake Charlevoix Open Regatta (Open)

this is fairly close to the race the previous day on Douglas Lake, so it’d be a great way to get 2 races in in the same general area.  Lake Charlevoix (“3rd largest inland lake in Michigan!”) is beautiful – I spent several vacations up there with my best friend back in the ol’ high school days, although back then we were cruising around on jet-skis.  the event is hosted by the Charlevoix Yacht Club, and racing will be held at the northwest end of the lake.

Sunday, August 26th – Lake Bluff Regatta (J Sheppard Memorial Regatta)

this event will be held at Lake Bluff Yacht Club. additional information can be found at their Facebook page.  this is the same venue as the 50th Sunfish North Americans as noted above.

located in Lake Bluff, Illinois along the shore of Lake Michigan north of Chicago.  This provides an excellent place to enjoy sailing and learn in many varied sailing conditions.

Sunday, August 26th – Fun Sunfish Regatta (Open)

this is the same day as the Lake Bluff Regattas above, and is the same racing venue as the Fun Sunfish Regatta on August 12th (see above for information).


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