first sail of 2012

I finally got my Sunfish sailboat out for a sail over Memorial Day weekend – the 1st time out for 2012.  early forecasts looked great for the weekend – light winds and hot temperatures – good for spending time down at a lake.  as I woke up Saturday morning, though, I was finishing up some quick yard work when a downpour came out of nowhere and was soaking everything.  we had plans to got up to my folk’s house for the long weekend, hoping to leave later that afternoon – but I was worried the rain wasn’t going to let up.

luckily, it cleared up by mid-afternoon, and we packed up and trailered the Sunfish up to their house. after church and lunch Sunday morning, my brother-in-law and I set out to sail on a lake nearby – we were going to try out Pleasant Lake (link to Google maps).  my dad thought there might be a public ramp on the north side of the lake near the county park, but after driving around quite a bit, we couldn’t find anything.

we asked around, and were told about a ramp on the southwest side of the lake at a marina/old party store.  we drove over, and found it – I think the ramp is supposed to be only for residents of the lake, but the ramp guard let us use the ramp for $5.

we didn’t set up my GoPro video camera, and I left my iPhone in the truck, so we didn’t get any pictures until we were driving away.  this picture is taken on the west side of the lake.  to the right is a little island in the lake.  we sailed most of the time back and forth on the other side of the island, as the wind on the back side of the island was disturbed quite a bit.

overall, it was a pretty great 1st sail – the water wasn’t too cold, the air temperature was great, and we cruised along pretty well in a decent, but not too strong of wind.  surprisingly, the lake wasn’t too crowded for it being a long holiday weekend, and all the pontoons, jet-skis and powerboats gave us plenty of room.


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