toronto day 1: train ride to Toronto

last week, we loaded up in the car, and drove through downtown Detroit to take the Detroit Windsor Tunnel under the Detroit River over to Windsor, Ontario.  after clearing customs, it was just a few short minutes from the tunnel exit to the Windsor Train Station where we met up with my parents (they had taken the bridge over from Michigan).  it’s a pretty small train station, and really easy to miss! my 2 older boys were dressed with warm clothes for lots of walking around Toronto, but for now they were keeping occupied with their little video games at the train station.

shortly after arriving, we boarded the VIA Rail train to Toronto.  my parents had taken the train several times, so we decided to try it with the boys – and it was a great time.  the time to get to Toronto is probably about the same, but there was plenty of room, the kids were able to walk around a bit, and us parents/grandparents got to ride comfortably and talk together and not worry about traffic, parking, etc. once we got to downtown Toronto.  from the station, you walk right across the tracks to board the train.

after arriving at Union Station in downtown Toronto, it is a very short walk to the subway loop.  we jumped on the subway, took it north a few stops, and walked about a block from there to our hotel to drop our luggage off. it was really easy, even with all 3 boys – we had packed all of our luggage into 3 smaller rolling carry-on size luggage pieces, and my 2 older boys each rolled one.  I told my wife we had our own little sherpas.  we grabbed a late lunch after arriving – my wife got a plate of chicken shwarma from a little restaurant right near our hotel.

my wife had specifically requested adjoining rooms when she made reservations at the hotel since my parents were going to keep an eye on our boys while we went to a concert that first night. but when we arrived, our rooms were on the same floor, not close together at all, and very cramped.  as we settled down for a little bit in the hotel, my wife called the hotel management to complain – and without even raising her voice or anything, was able to get them to bump us several floors up to a 2-bedroom suite with a large living room.  it was a VAST improvement, as the living room gave us room to sit on the couch and chairs and relax, and it made the evening much easier for my parents to watch the boys.

for dinner, we again didn’t have to walk too far, and found a nice little Chinese restaurant.  my oldest son (now 10 yrs old) is getting to the point where he always wants to order off of the adult menu (the kids menu is just too simple and “never enough food”).  that night, he got crazy and ordered a stuff crab claw.  you can see my wife picking it up in the background of the picture below – it was a large ball of crab stuffing the had been breaded and deep-fried, with a small hunk of crab claw stuck in the middle, and hanging out a bit from the ball.  my son loved the claw – he even brought it home to show his classmates.

we just ordered a few dinner plates — chicken and snow peas, something seafoody with noodles in the foreground, shrimp wontons, a big plate of chicken fried rice, and a plate of egg foo young (not in the picture) — and just all shared some of everything.  it was all delicious, although I skipped trying the squid pieces off the seafood platter.

more details on the concert and Friday and Saturday sightseeing to follow.


8 Responses to “toronto day 1: train ride to Toronto”

  1. 1 Baydog December 16, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Food Blog! I’ll take the squid.

    • 2 my2fish December 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      baydog, more food pics and details to come on day 2. I’ll eat calamari, but this particular squid didn’t look too appealing to me. I think my wife ordered scallops, too (forgot to mention that), but she wasn’t too impressed with them.

  2. 3 Baydog December 16, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    My rule of thumb is unless a Chinese restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes, which few are as far as I know, I stick with pork and chicken dishes.
    I’m a Moo Shoo fanatic and a pork-fried rice maniac. Spare ribs and roast pork lo mein too. I’m starving now. Thanks M2F!

    • 4 my2fish December 16, 2011 at 6:03 pm

      That is a good rule of thumb. My favorite is General Tso’s (Tao’s) chicken, but I knew I’d be sharing with the boys, and it can often be a bit spicy for them.

  3. 5 Baydog December 16, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Ah yes, I love the General as well, but they can never seem to make it spicy enough for me. I have to actually bite into the red chiles to get heat. Pizza tonight BTW!

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