sunfish winter storage

with the leaves changing colors and temperatures dropping pretty quickly here in Michigan, I have now put my Sunfish sailboats away for winter storage.  I had already put my newer Sunfish away a few weeks ago, but I still had my older one to haul up to my folks house and put away.  over the summer, I had kept it in my back yard on sawhorses, and while that kept it up off the ground, I hadn’t covered it with a tarp or anything, so leaves and the like had built up on it, a good coating of summer dirt.  so prior to putting it into storage, I hosed and washed it down, and then hit it quick with a little bit of polishing compound and a buffing wheel.

there is still some fiberglass work that could be down on this 45+ year old boat that polishing compound won’t do much for, but it does help clean up the boat pretty nicely, and it makes it easier to see where the boat could use some repairs.

after cleaning it up, I trailered the boat up to my folk’s house – and my dad graciously allowed me to store now (2) of my Sunfish in his barn.  I re-used the hanger system I built out of 2×4’s for the last winter storage, and just added (2) new hangers and cross-beams to support the 2nd Sunfish.  luckily, my brother and brother-in-law were in town to help me lift the boat up and fasten the cross-beams in place.


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