sailing log: 2011-09-09 (Lake Michigan)

while up north for a long weekend at Camp Arcadia, I got in a bit of sailing Friday afternoon on Lake Michigan. the wind was pretty strong from the north/northwest (bringing the cold water with it), and waves were medium-sized – enough to be fun on the Sunfish, but troublesome for my brother-in-law on his windsurfer.

my brother-in-law tried windsurfing for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, but gave up as the water temperature was only 53 degrees, and even with a shorty wetsuit on he was just too cold.  so I sailed in towards shore and picked him up, and he and I sailed together on the Sunfish for a while.  I had on a long-sleeved rashguard under my shorty wetsuit, so other than the 1st couple minutes of cold legs while getting the boat started at the beach, it was really comfortable.

here’s a screenshot from my GoPro HD Hero camera as we are heading back in towards shore.  North Bluff is to port and Arcadia is to starboard.

here’s another shot as we run south parallel to the beach, giving you a nice view (ahead of the sail) of Camp Arcadia‘s setting right on the waters of Lake Michigan.


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