Saturday afternoon on Belle Isle

on Saturday, after spending a few hours at the Bayview Yacht Club watching the 2011 Detroit Cup, me and my 3 boys drove a few miles down the road and across the Douglas MacArthur Bridge to get to Belle Isle, an island park operated by the city of Detroit.

this was our first time visiting there, so we drove around and did a bunch of short stops at several spots on the island to get familiar with the area.  first we stopped near the beach, where my boys really really wanted to catch a duck to bring it home as a pet.

Luke was a little disappointed that they could never get close enough to the mother duck or any of the babies, though.

from the island, there is a pretty good view of downtown Detroit’s skyline, with the GM Renaissance Center sitting close to the water’s edge.  the central tower is the tallest building in Michigan, and One Detroit Center (on the right edge of the picture) is the 2nd tallest building in Michigan.

and further on down the river, you can see the Ambassador Bridge, that will take you across the river into Canada.  there is also a tunnel under the river, and talks of building a 2nd bridge over to Canada in the Detroit area as well.

a lot of the stuff across the river was really far away, so it helped if we used some binoculars.

after that, we stopped at the James Scott Memorial Fountain.

the boys cooled off a bit by dunking their fingers, toes, and/or hair in the water, and I’m pretty sure they would have waded into the fountain if I had let them.

and they topped it all off by climbing up on the statue of James Scott to pose for a picture.

our last stop of the day was the fishing pier: we walked the full length of it, stopped to look at minnows in the fisherman’s bucket, throw clumps of dry seaweed on the pier back into the water, and of course, they chased the seagulls.

after that, we piled back in the truck, and drove through downtown Detroit on our way home.  it was a great afternoon, and a lot of fun – and there are still more things to see and do on Belle Isle, so I’m sure we’ll try to get back down there again.



4 Responses to “Saturday afternoon on Belle Isle”

  1. 1 Conrad August 25, 2011 at 12:41 am

    Nice looking boys. You must be the proud father. Congrats

  2. 3 Marcia August 25, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Just found your blog etc…great stuff..I am learning to sail on a “rescued” super porpoise..not ready for lake mich yet..but learning on a local lake…spilled it today with my 78 yr old father!! What a first rate matie!! This captain needs practice so I found your blog & looked around! Thanks, it was a remotivator!!

    • 4 my2fish August 25, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      Marcia – that’s great that your father is willing to ride it with you! I haven’t sailed my Super Porpoise in a while, but it’s similar enough to the Sunfish, so a lot of the rigging stuff I’ve posted about should be applicable for your boat. look around, ask questions, and stop by the Sunfish Forum or the Yahoo Sunfish Group for great information on both types of sailboats as well.

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