tubing on Round Lake, Michigan

this weekend, we spent most of the afternoon and evening with some friends from college at their family’s cottage on Round Lake, south of Jackson, Michigan.  I had debated trailering my Sunfish over for some sailing, as I had sailed there a bit last year, but there was a chance for a lot of people to be around during the day, so I thought I’d try to avoid adding any more confusion.

we did spent a little time out on their pontoon boat cruising around the lake, though, and then also did a little bit of tubing – it was nice for a couple people who had never tried it before.  my oldest son, T2, is a little over 10 years, and I’m quickly realizing is my dare-devil – he lives for the crazy, spinning, twirling, upside-down (make me puke) type rides at the fair, and I’m sure will be chomping at the bit to try out roller-coasters soon.  he tried the tubing for the 1st time, and he LOVED it.

the funny thing is that he is still pretty light, so even though the pontoon driver was making tight turns, and creating wake for the tube to swing back and forth and crest over the wake – he would just gently glide over the waves and down the other side.  he held on (for dear life?) like a champion, though – and rode for a really long time for his 1st attempt at tubing.

it was a great day to spend on the lake – we had a great time catching up with our friends, seeing their 2-yr old son as well as their new son, just a little over a month old.  it was a pretty hot summer day, but the boys were able to play around in the shallow water near the dock, wading around looking for little zebra mussels and throwing seaweed clumps at each other, T2 was snorkeling for a while, and some paddling around in the paddle-boat.



2 Responses to “tubing on Round Lake, Michigan”

  1. 1 Kir July 21, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Looks like a great time at the lake…not surprised that T2 is your daredevil, though!

  2. 2 Melissa July 21, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    It was awesome seeing you guys!! I’m glad you got to come up. T2 is a champion for holding on so long 🙂

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