sunfish sailing on Kent Lake [video]

here’s a short video I put together from my sailing adventure a few days ago on Kent Lake at Kensington Metropark in Michigan.  you can see the frustration I was having with the weeds, see a few dead fish go floating by, but also at least a decent bit of sailing that afternoon.

this is my 1st time mounting the GoPro HD Surf Hero video camera out on the lower boom – I kind of like the perspective it gives.  watching the video, I can also see that the camera angle/view gives more of an idea when I was getting into the weeds, as there were times out on the water that I didn’t even realize I was getting close to a weed cluster.


6 Responses to “sunfish sailing on Kent Lake [video]”

  1. 1 Capt. Black June 27, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Really sweet video my2fish! I like the boom-end perspective and the song was pretty awesome as well!

  2. 2 my2fish June 27, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Capt. Black – I’m really liking the boom end view, too. I can switch modes with the GoPro, and could hang it upside down from the boom, but I’m liking the mount above the boom a bit better.

    Funny thing about the song is I usually get the video edited down to an approximate length, and then look for a song similar in length in my iTunes library. I thought a song by Lake Trout would be appropriate since I saw so many dead fish (although I’m pretty sure they were carp… but who cares).

    Lake Trout is a very cool band, they have some sweet lives songs where they just jam – no words, just making sweet live music. Lots of free songs at their website:

    • 3 Capt. Black June 28, 2011 at 6:45 am

      Yeah, I saw the tag at the end of the video and searched for it after I couldn’t find it in iTunes. The only place I could find the song was at their site. They sound really good! How did you discover them?

      • 4 my2fish June 28, 2011 at 7:14 am

        as with many of my favorite bands (that almost no one else has heard of…) I found them on WOXY used to be 97X, an independent radio station in Cincinnati (I lived down there a while back), and then they went internet-only for a while, then moved to Austin, Texas, before finally shutting down due to lack of funding. WOXY was amazing, and had the best new music – bands were on WOXY a few years before any mainstream radio station got wind of them.

        the WOXY website is still running, and they have a HUGE archive of “Lounge Acts” (you can download them as mp3s) – where a band would perform live in their studio, usually a half-hour set with 3 to 5 songs and a short interview with the DJ. I used to have iTunes download them directly as podcasts, so it was an awesome way to always have new music coming in.

        the Lake Trout Lounge Act is here.

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