buying a used Sunfish

I found a great article on – the author chronicles searching for and buying a used Sunfish for his 6-year old son, who has already developed a passion for sailing!

Few things compare to the look on a young boater’s face as he admires his new rig and imagines the nautical adventures that lie ahead.

photo by Tom Richardson (

another quote I liked from the article:

The Sunfish met all of our requirements: First, it could accommodate 2 people. Second, it would not sink, and could be easily righted after capsizing (something I foresaw much of). Third, it was light enough for 2 people to carry. Fourth, it could be sailed in shallow water. Fifth, it was low maintenance. Sixth, there were lots of used ones available.



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  1. 1 bonnie June 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    I ended up at Macy’s this weekend (long-delayed but needed clothes-shopping trip finally triggered by having my last decent pair of jeans abruptly give way at a location that rendered them no-longer-decent). They have a Nautica Father’s Day promotion going on – win a Sunfish for Dad! The boat was on display. Ooooh, shiny. I didn’t end up doing it but I was SOOOO tempted to go buy whatever Nautica men’s cologne or whatever it was you had to buy to sign up.

    If I’d won, I would of course have told my dad that I won him a Sunfish and that I would be storing it for him at Sebago until such time as he could arrange to come get it.

    although hm…the issue with that is that he actually might. He’d probably get a kick out of having a Sunfish.

    I bet I would at least have time to put the first scratches on it. Heh heh heh.

    Maybe I should go back up there & see what you’re supposed to buy to enter.

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