2 Responses to “APS Sunfish recreational sails (misleading ad)”

  1. 1 APS May 2, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Hi My2Fish,

    Thank you for paying such careful attention to the 20th Anniversary edition of the APS catalog!

    When we can, we like to stick to the format where we have images directly above product descriptions. That’s the case with the 2010 catalog exurpt you’ve included in your blog. The sails pictured actually apply to part numbers LP94307 and LP94306, which are listed below the images.

    You’re right that the 2011 distinction is not so clear. In an effort to add the Sunfish Hiking Strap Retrofit Kit to the opposite page, we moved The Sunfish Bible over to the page with the sails. You know how we try to fill every space possible with good product, and this year, we pushed the sails together moreso than they were last year. (Perhaps, a little too close?) We are very sorry about the ambiguous image placement and do not mean to mislead anyone. We will be sure to scoot those sails down closer to their respective part #s in next year’s catalog…

    As for the Sunfish logo – it is a registered trademark, and APS does not have rights to use it. That’s the rub for getting such a good deal.

    Hope this clears the air a little. We appreciate what you do for the Sunfish class My2Fish!

    • 2 my2fish May 2, 2011 at 4:15 pm

      APS, thanks for stopping by to clarify the ad.

      I actually bought the practice sail from APS last spring, before the APS website even showed them – so I was a bit surprised to see it arrive without the logo, but I understand the fact that the logo is a registered trademark (so I should have known better).

      as a non-racer, I am very much a fan of the recreational sail that you have produced, and will certainly recommend it – but I just want people to know what they are getting.

      cheers, my2fish

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