1st day(s) of spring

we had a day or two a while back that warmed up a little bit, and the snow crocuses started peeking up in our front yard… but they have been mostly closed up and in hiding since as the temperatures rapidly dropped back down to frigid levels.  today was a bright sunny day, but temperatures were still barely above freezing.  the flowers opened up a bit to soak up the sun, though, and I snapped a few shots while my wife and I were playing outside with our 3 boys.

I heard this song on the radio while driving in my car this morning, and it stuck in my head.  after consulting The Google, turns out the song title is, appropriately enough: First Day of Spring, by a now broken up band called Gandharvas (the official video for the song is pretty weird – this is just the song itself, no video other than the image).

My friend…
Don’t just sit there and ruminate…
With your navel to comtemplate…
It’s a beautiful day outside…
Time’s passing you by…
Come on out…
Don’t just sit there catatonic…
I’m feeling supersonic…
A warm wind is sweeping by…
The sun’s full in the sky…
And there’s no way of knowing,
No way to know,
Know how long it’ll last,
No way of knowing,
No way to know,
Know how long it’ll last…


1 Response to “1st day(s) of spring”

  1. 1 David Harns March 26, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I can see why the band broke up…

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